GUCCI bag dont know which one?

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  1. OPTION 1 :

    for option one is the 10 purse or click FULL SIZe but it wont look big.. :sad:

    OPTION 2 :

    i really dont know which one to get?? and the thing is that the second option one of my husbands causons has it.. and i dont know??
    i like both =).. for those who cannoT see these links

    OPTION 1 is the 'babouska' medium tote / crystal GG fabric really cute

    OPTION 2 is the 'abbey' medium shoulder bag really cute

    and both look really comfy.. my hubby is going to get me one 4 my b-day thats why i dont know which one 2 get/>>>>>>>

    thanks.. ;););)
  2. I would say the Babouska tote. I like it just a bit more than the Abbey. And the crystal fabric won't show dirt that easily, so that's always a plus! :tup:

    Happy Birthday!
  3. thanks i'm new at this website.. lol im going to sleep now.. its 12:30 am
  4. Happy birthday!!

    I preffer the babouska
  5. I like the babouska also. It looks better imo and I really don't care for fabric bags.