gucci bag charm on damier speedy

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  1. #1 Jul 6, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2009
    hi everyone! so the LV tapage is sooo expensive for me and i'm trying to get a perfect bag charm for my damier speedy 30. i found this at the gucci outlet. it's not comparable to the tapage but it's also cute and reasonably priced at $69. ladies, i need your opinion on it ok to place a gucci charm on an LV bag? my DH finds it awkward, but it's totally ok with me. TIA!


    or this one for $99 only. it's also gucci
  2. I think they both would look great on your speedy! I really like the first one a lot!!!
  3. thanks baglover1973! gucci also have like a pastilles charm but i'm not sure if it will fit the speedy. i don't have a photo either.
  4. I think it will look fine ;) I like the 1st one
  5. I like both charms and think either one would look nice on your Speedy :smile:
  6. I personally refuse to buy anything Gucci ever again due to the way I was treated over my most recent purchase and I do find myself very brand loyal so I personally wouldn't put a Gucci charm on my LV bag. However, I woukd use my bag with a Burberry hat or belt. Haha weird I know. However, that first charm is soooo cute, especially if your first or last name starts with G! And since you don't have a fowl taste of Gucci in your mouth, I say rock it!
  7. thx lilmountaingirl! i do love gucii, and burberry. i have both bags and some wallets and shoes.
  8. I think both will look super cute!!!
  9. They both look cute. But I like the first one the best.
  10. like the first one!
  11. I really like the first charm!
  12. they're both really cute!! you can totally use it on your speedy.
  13. You should get that top one then. I think itls adorable! And I actually did just get a damier speedy to go with some gucci shoes, so I guess its the same. Haha I'm just so mad at gucci right now! But I will get over it. I actually want the juicy diamond key ring to use with my bags...

  14. juicy charms are sooo cute, too. i've seen a lot on the bag charm club. the gucci charm, however, is new. even at the store. i'm sorry you feel that way about gucci. i used to feel that way too. i've gotten over it after a few weeks. :winkiss:
  15. why not. i put a C()@%& charm on my Gucci