Gucci bag bottom, a fake giveaway?

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  1. Please help. I found this on ebay. The bottom of this bag looks off. Shouldn't the GG pattern go from side to side at the bottom of the bag as oppose to lining up to the pattern from the front and back of the bag?

    Here's the link to the entire auction.

    eBay: Authentic Gucci Medium Black Hobo Bag (item 180035476413 end time Oct-09-06 16:45:00 PDT)

    I was hoping to find a trusted auth. Gucci seller on ebay. Is there any? :confused1::confused1:
  2. I've always wondered that myself.. most of the bags I was told were fake had the inconsistent bottom, so I think you may be right. Let's see what the other girls have to say.

  3. very true...from either side of the bag the "gg" logo should match and from the view on the bottom the "gg's" should be running perpendicular to the sides. hope this helps and isn't too confusing! ;)
    its the way my brown one looks!!
  4. Ok, so the pattern on the bottom suppose to go the opposite directed from the rest of the bag? IE, if the pattern is going up/down, the bottom is suppose to be left/right?

    Or is the pattern suppose to go the same direction?
    rest of bag up/down, bottom is up/down pattern too.
  5. I hate to tell you - eBay is swarming with that particular model and probably 90% of those are FAKES! They are everywhere and also in the brown fabric.

    Below is a link for the black version on the GUCCI site:

    Also, when you purchase a purse of that size - GUCCI isn't going to give you the small GUCCI store bag to the left, that's the size they are going to give you for a wallet. I know, I have purchased 2 purses in the past month and each time the bags I rec'd from the GUCCI store we like shopping bags!

    Sorry!! I see it sold for $305.00 on eBay.
  6. Now I know why some of the ladies here are so mad at fakes! I didn't get this black bag, but I did buy a brown one on ebay. The pattern on the brown bag is consistant with a real Gucci according to the comments here. But, who knows what other details I need to be looking for to prove a real bag. This was going to be my very first Gucci item ever. But finding out that I'm getting a fake really upsets me. You don't want this to be your experience with your first love. I wish I posted this before buying ebay bags!
  7. mntncat vbmenu_register("postmenu_1004557", true); - best bet, go to the GUCCI store near you or if there isn't go to a store like Neiman Marcus, Saks, etc...check out the model of the purse you bought or are looking to buy -this way you can see for yourself -what should be there and what should not. I posted on "is this gucci authentic" -today, a comparison of 2 purses one that looks like a authentic and the other from the GUCCI store -besides the price that the purse was being sold for on eBay you can also see that on the example I showed -the FAKE had white stitching while the real purse had BROWN stitching -it things like that, that will help you decide what is real and what is not. Hope this helps, but this purse called CHAIN at Gucci is all over eBay and most of them are going to be fake, the oriignal retails for $1150. Hope that helps :graucho:
  8. Thank you 2beme, I will see your post with photos and fast!! Knowing how many auctions closes each day and each hour on fake Gucci is saddening. Do you know of anyone buying real Gucci off ebay. Do you know of any trusted sellers? Or, are we to pay the full price? I will take your advice and spend more time and do the research. Afterall, this is an investment and shoudn't jump in head first like I already did!
  9. The GG logo on the dustbag is upside down also...:yucky:
  10. Thanks for all the info girls, but:back2topic:

    I'm still confused about what direction the G's on the bottom of the bag should go... for example, say it was for a vintage bag and I had nothing else to compare it to at a boutique?
  11. Ok...sorry for the's what I was trying to explain.
    I've loaded a quick pix of my brown horsebit hobo (med.)
    if you take a look at the side view...the "gg" logo matches the sides....but the view from the bottom...the "gg" logos are perpendicular to eachother.
    Hope the pix helps...sorry for the earlier confusion. =)!
  12. Thanks for the photos allcantara16! The photo of the black one I posted is then completely fake! The GG logo at the bottom of the bag did not run perpendicular, it runs along the same as the front and the back of the bag. You can hardly see it on the photo because it is black. I'm sorry for the person that won that auction! Thanks again for the photos!
  13. yes, thanks for clearing that up! that question was really bothering me for some time....

    and your bag looks adorable!!
  14. To clarify, you're saying the GG's are perpendicular for just this style in particular right? My 2 Gucci bags stillgo up and down and I bought all my Gucci bags at at store.
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