Gucci bag authenticity

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  1. I found this Gucci bag on ebay and wonder about the authenticity of it. My last gucci bag was over 2 years ago, I forgot what came with it. Does Gucci have "leather sample tag" (not that I remember of)? And serial no on the leather tag, I don't remember any of these apart from a paper tag with serial no.

    Is this real?

    And this one?

  2. I'd copy those hooks to the community pages on eBay. There are always experts hanging out who can help you. They can tell you exactly what those bags should have for authenticity.

  3. ^^^I agree :smile: I'm sure when this community gets bigger we'll have a guru for every brand :biggrin:
  4. The gurus are there... they just need to speak up. Like it has been said before, you probably will not get away with huge savings on a bag off eBay if it is real. So be skeptical!
  5. Anyone that keeps their feedbacks private make me cringe. As well as anyone with "0" feedback. Even the most authentic looking of all bags online...I'm afraid they might do the "swap" on me if they lack the feedback (private, 0, or alot of negatives). I’m a compulsive buyer…but not that compulsive.
  6. Thanks you all for your opinion, I have never bought any designer stuffs from ebay with exactly the same skepticism. But since moving to this sad city of Canada (better keep it anonymous, hehe), started looking into alternative shopping venues, ebay was one of them.

    I know Kojiko, I hate those who keep their feedback private, makes it more suspicious. I'd like to bid on the last minute too but lost all the time.

    Anyway, I passed on the large Guccissima hobo now, as I said in my other thread, it's too humongous for my little body. Keep hunting for a medium hobo... :sad:
  7. Hello everyone,
    I just purchased my first purse on ebay. Although the seller indicated it's authenticiy I'm a little concerned. I what to know what things to look for in my next purchase.....:smile:
  8. Hello all!

    Does anyone have a list of authenticity tips for a boston blondie bowler? Someone once told me that all the serial #'s start with a certain number but I can't remember what #! Im searching for one and I just want to be sure I have all my facts straight before I find one! Thanks a million ladies;D
  9. Whats the item number?
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