Gucci baby bottle holders!

  1. Were they produced at all- there seems alot of them on eBay but none on on any country site! Help- Thanks;)
  2. I have never seen them.
  3. Hi Designermummy,

    It did exist! I went to the Gucci boutique and asked about it. They have it in the catalog but it's no longer available. The price would be $300 to $400. So expensive for something that just look good. :lol:
  4. ^^^^^YOU'RE KIDDING!!! That's hilarious!:roflmfao:
  5. No kididng! For that amount of money, I'd get a nice Gucci wallet ;)
  6. Thanks beejerry

    When i asked about it last wek in Gucci my SA was a bit vague. But she did remark that although Gucci did sell out of boutiques and stores other than Gucci. The Gucci baby range is only liscensed out of large department stores. In the Uk it is only Selfridges and harrods. So any seller stating in th uk that their gucci baby goods are from a direct supplier is not telling the truth.
    I had a baby diaper bag and carrier. The diaper bag the differences are quite obvios with the carrier they are not- and that is the one I am so worried about!

    The gucci baby bottles- the fake ones which are all over eBay. The tell tale difference on the fakes is the dust cover the 2 squares between the GG dont meet up correctly!