Gucci Authenticity Tips

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  1. Wow - that's crazy! Thanks for sharing. Now all I'm sure of is the presence of a Black Gucci Card means fake. People to need to really research the item, the price, the seller. I thought it was hard already telling the fake from the real and this makes it even more tougher.
  2. It is so hard to authenticate Gucci. Esp the canvas. I haven't gotten burnt before and I am intending on keeping it that way by only buying from the boutique or authorised dealer, or if I am broke, not buying any at all!
  3. Hi, has anyone heard anything about Authentic bags or not?
  4. I must add to this by saying I just bought a brand new Gucci leather Pelham $2000.00 bag at a Gucci boutique here in Coral Gables, Florida - The bag was wrapped for me beautifully with the tissue paper, box, shopping bag and of course included a thick brown dustcover - I don't remember seeing any card whatsoever with this purchase.
  5. im new to the forum also...really want a large horsebit coming to the quick realization that most internet sites are fake...the better the deal the more likely fake...and so on...
    although all the authenticity guarantees are making it quite tempting!
    does anyone have info on
    are those authentic? it says they only buy from "reputable resellers..." hmmmm

  6. oops its
    thanks again
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Hi,
    Got these pictures off the auctions, and would like to know if they are really authentic... The prices are slashed more than half as compared to stores. But seller is willing to meet up.

    Any experts here know if the "linking" of the cloth is correct? And how abt the stitching?

    Thanks a great deal!:yes:
  9. Are the bags on authentic?
  10. Can someone post some authenticity tips about Gucci wallets.. most of the tips are about bags... thanks!
  11. Hi!

    Apart from My Poupette, where can i get a written claim for a fake Gucci bag?

    I just got my the bagI purchased from eBay. It came with the Plastic, Business Card sized Gucci Controllato card which is a big red flag for a fake. Plus, I compared it wih the real thing.

    I so want to get my money back...
  12. I'm afraid my poupette is the only place that ebay/Paypal will accept written approval from. File a Paypal claim now, do not wait for the written letter.
  13. thank you so much...:smile:
  14. do I have to pay for a written authentication from Poupette or cani just forward their "findings" to ebay?

    The written authentication is a bit expensive...
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