Gucci Authenticity Tips

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  1. Please post your tips on authenticity here.Hopefully this will help aid our PFers in purchasing LEGIT bags.NO chitchat please.Lets use this thread as a refernece tool only!!
    Post details about serial #s..hardware,style names,where purchased...etc.... Clear Pics definately help as well.(try to give closeups of details..and :idea:

    ***DONT FORGET TO WATERMARK THEM,we dont need any scammers stealing our pics!!!***
    Do not post ebay auctions here either.That is what "AUTH THIS " IS FOR!!
  2. Here's one that came to mind...regarding: wallets,checkbooks,bilfolds, etc... They do have a serial number engraved. I know there have been questions about this before.
  3. Also, re: GUCCI zipper pulls....people have questioned if a purse has a zipper pull with GUCCI on it - is it real? GUCCI does make purses with zipper pulls with GUCCI on the zipper pull. For example the Abbey, Princy Boston bag, etc. How long thye have been doing this, I don't know? I purchased my purses directly from the GUCCI store and they did have the GUCCI on the zipper pull.
  4. Just found out something interesting. I just purchased a Britt medium shoulder bag in Black at the Gucci boutique in Monte Carlo while on vacation. The lining is multicolor striped. I've been looking to purchase the Britt medium top handle tote in Brown, and noticed that the lining is brown --also, some of the totes have cell phone pockets, some do not--the one on Gucci's web site does. So, I contacted Gucci and their response was -- it depends on which factory produced the bag, the lining can either be printed or plain canvas. This may explain why there are inconsistencies in authentic bags.
  5. the lining differ from collection to collection. I bought at their factory outlet a bag that I found identical in their full price shop just with a different lining.
    Lining differ enormously from bag to bag.
    the zipper may or may not have gucci engraved on it: if it is a metal zipper then gucci should be engraved, if it is leather (on the more sporty bags) it doesn't have anything engraved.

    The controllato cards doesn't mean anything as sometimes the go missing in the store and they are very easily copied.

    gucci doesn't give any authenticity certificate.
  6. [​IMG]
    - SAMPLE image of a FAKE, GUCCI - no plastic over handles....


    - check out the extra strap wrapped in paper, another dead giveaway.
  7. Below is another giveaway of a FAKE purse - notice the cheap price and the obnoxious shipping..... Buyer beware

    asking price only $57.00 and shipping $43.00
  8. [​IMG]

    Notice here the GUCCI tag ATTACHED to the purse - this is definitely NOT authentic. Also, notice the plastic wrap and the white tissue around the brass handles.

    Don't be taken for a scam!!!
  9. [​IMG]

    Check out the GREEN or maybe it's a BLACK GUCCI card...Notice the plastic wrap on the purse and check out the cheapness of the LEATHER....guess what, this purse current bid is $237.50 and a $25.00 shipping fee....YIKES!!!!
  10. [​IMG]



    Current asking price US $385.00 - does this purse look real to you? Notice the serial number is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO off!!!
  11. i have 5 guccis from the 80s,3 evening bags and 2 hand bags,the hand bags have stones on them one has them on the front of the bag,the other has handles with stones,inside a gucci label designed by paolo gucci made in italy,one has a zipper with paolo on it the brooch one that close have nothinhg on the inside of the closure brooch,how do i find out if they are all real,tyu greeneyes113
  12. how you tell real gucci from fake ?
    what the real ones look like ?
  13. i have seen plain interior linings and the colourful ones but i've also seen pinstripe like ones with brown/light grey thin stripes on black or brown lining - is this OK?

    sorry i don't have a photo for an example.
  14. Hi All, I am new to this forum.....

    How do you know that the number is fake? I am trying to help my friend since she bought some gucci from some Italian suppliers. As usual, it came with the card, dust bag, etc. I can't tell whether they are fakes or reals.... If you know how to tell them apart, please kindly help! Thanks!
  15. hi, i'm new to this. there are so many fakes on ebay that's why i thought buying a used item would be safe. just received it 2 days ago and i believe its a fake as the serial number on the inside leather tag is not aligned. this gucci bag comes with the wooden handle and the purse is made of canvas with gucci monogram, don't see this model on ebay often. anyone can help with tips on authenticating this bag as i'm considering filing for a refund from seller. thanks
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