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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm the annoying new person who was clueless enough to buy a fake gucci on eBay. Since then, I've learned sooo much from all of you about how to spot fakes, so now I'm sure that this fake non-leather thing I just received is a knock-off. Problem is, I already paid for it and the guy won't even respond to my emails, let alone refund my money. I filed a complaint with paypal. He also hasn't gotten back to them yet.

    Anyway, has anyone ever had to get "proof" that a bag they purchased is fake? Sadly, I live in the middle of Pennsylvania -- that's actually why I was so clueless, the main bags we have in retail around here are coach, dooney, and michael big designers. So I can't just go to the local botique. I was hoping I could send photos somewhere. Also, I only spent $95, so it's not really a big deal if I don't get refunded -- but the PRINCIPLE of the thing makes me so mad!

    Alternatively, I wondered if there would be a way I could prove that it is not real leather. We have lots of stores that sell leather goods around here. But who qualifies as a leather "expert"

    Oh well, like I said, it's not a lot of money, but I'd like to get this guy (and I could really use the $95 to put towards a better purse!). Meanwhile, guess I'll just go back to living vicariously through watching your new stams, birkins,and spies roll in:amuse:
  2. Never mind -- got the issue resolved!!
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