Gucci Australia

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  1. I know there are a few gucci australia threads but they all seem to be rather ad hoc simply for the sales.

    So I thought I'd start one for all year round.

    Who's from Australia?
  2. me! Melbourne
  3. hi!

    im from sydney : )
  4. Sydney!!
  5. Melbourne
  6. Melbourne :biggrin:
  7. Sydney
  8. Which Gucci store in Sydney has a better range of choice? Rocks or Castleleigh?
  9. #9 Sep 24, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2010
    The Castlereigh store is alright, I think they have limited selection of goods as it is not a big shop, although I have never been to the store at the Rocks. Maybe some else who has been can shed some light.
  10. Been to both:P

    I think Castlereigh has a wider range
  11. I like the Rocks SA better lolz.

    I'm not too sure but I thought Rocks has more choices:confused1::Push:

    I should probably goes to the castlereigh store again one day!
  12. Which Gucci are u looking into for next purchase?

    I'm thinking about something in Hysteria but not sure are they available for all seasons.
  13. I refuse to shop at Castlereagh because of this. Not that the SAs at The Rocks are better, but that the ones at Castlereagh are just plain rude.
  14. Sydney! :biggrin:

    Yeah... MOST of the SAs at Castlereagh boutique are rude!
    The first time i went there, i was ready to make a purchase but didn't get serve at all. It's not even that busy.. I was so upset and swore that i would never ever buy a gucci from there.
    I don't understand why did they behave like that..

    But one day, i passed the store again, and fall in love with a bag on their display.. So i hesitantly went in, and met this wonderful lady who patiently showed me various types of bags that i might like. She even showed me a georgeous limited edition bag that was stored in the backroom (they only have 2, and was was sold)! I bought that immediately. :P
  15. i definitely agree that the castlereagh st SA's over the last few years and up until a few months ago were very rude and crazy about sales.

    BUT they have basically rehired a whole new group of staff and they all seem very friendly and kind.

    so perhaps give them another go and see how it goes?