Gucci as a everyday bag - easy to maintain?

  1. I have always been using LV becos of its durability and easy maintanence (I have the monogram canvas) ...

    Now truly in love with the Princy tote (the one with a ribbon at the side) ... so feminine and so ME!!!

    But I am concerned about the cloth material, it does look very hard to maintain ... if I decide to get the one with the cream leather ... it will be even harder to maintain right???

    I have three kids under the age of 5 so I really dont have much time to baby my bag when I send them or pick them up from school, my bag often has to sit on the floor on my car's front seat ....

    oh my!!! should I still go ahead and get this bag??? will be my first gucci if I do so!!
  2. Both my big everyday bags are the canvas in white or cream trim. I have sprayed them with AppleGarde to protect against stains. That has come in quite handy. But I think they are both great bags.

    The only thing I notice is that my Eclipse tote bag with the more Square ends, has a very little fraying on the ends while my Pelham is ok.. I guess because the pelham is more of a rounded corner. Good Luck!
  3. So far, I have not had any problems with any of my canvas gucci bags.
  4. I have not had any problems with the canvas on my bags or shoes, however I do tend to be a bit more cautious of my Gucci then LV.
  5. I used a mono canvas moon hobo everyday all summer (it has a nice round shape, also), didn't treat it at all, and the bag looks and feels brand new still. I'm discovering the monogram canvas is VERY durable. Hope you get the Princy, it's just a cute bag!
  6. sounds good so far ... but I must not allow water on the cloth material right? it is quite rainy here in my town.

    for the applegarde, how do you spread it? sparingly across the bag? can I use scotchguard instead?
  7. their monogram canvas is very durable...however it has caused pilling on the side of my cotton shirts (from the constant rubbing). very upsetting!!
  8. I'm sure you could use scotch guard by or leave it naked. It seems like most here leave their canvas untreated. I guess I'm used to treating my bags because of my LVs.
  9. idk, for me, the Gucci canvas isnt durable. I've had holes (very small holes) on the corners of my bag. I'd have taken pics for you to see but my sis borrowed my bag.
  10. My abbey shoulder (single strap) started showing some threads at the place where the strap connects with the fabric, but apart from that, I have found the fabric to hold up quite well (I used the bag non-stop for 3 - 4 months and there is no sign of fraying apart from around the strap. Now I am using my other abbey (script canvas) every day and have had no problems with it.

    It's a great looking bag though, I hope you get it! :smile: