Gucci, Armani, Kate Spade Sunglasses at TJMaxx

  1. I just came from our local TJ Maxx and they have a new shipment of sunglasses in - Gucci are $49, as are the Armani ones. They have a lot of good stuff on clearance too - I got a great pair of Kate Spade sunglasses on clearance for $22. And they've had some Marc Jacobs bags on the clearance rack as well.

    Also noticing they are getting more top end designers in the clothing - got a $110 Joie top for $20. You just have to hunt a bit!
  2. OMG Where is this TJMaxx..mine has the worse stuff!
  3. Is it the Tx maxx in manhattan?
  4. It surely cannot be the TJMaxx here in Sarasota, FL. They have a large handbag area but no high end bags, dang it! Also, the clothes area is slim pickin's...but you've motivated me to swing by and give it another look.
  5. Wow, I thought they all carried the same stuff...this is the TJMaxx/Home Goods store in Eugene, Oregon.

    You have to search some, and it is sporadic, but usually I'll find a great deal on a high end piece of clothing or a bag or shoes. Sometimes cosmetics and home fragrences too - I love the antica farmacista home fragrances but they are expensive, but around Xmas they got a bunch in for $24 each - that's about 70% off retail. And today I found some LuckyBrand cargo shorts for $24 as well. Too bad they don't do online sales!
  6. I live in the Dallas area, and there are a couple of TJ Maxx that carry high-end clothing, like Prada, and I have occasionally seen a Marc Jacobs bag. But the rest of them seem to be very similar in the selection.

  7. Titania, I'm in Dallas too. The one I went to on Preston and Spring Valley :tdown: . I never find anything highend over there. Once I found some designer denim but they all defected. Which one do you go to?
  8. You mean Preston and Belt Line? That one last year had some nice designer clothes near the front. I almost bought a Prada jacket, but it was too small :sad:. The really good one is the one in Irving.
  9. I noticed the TJ Maxx near me is now carrying higher things (Bel Air, MD) they had Juicy, MK, kate spade sunglasses as well. Nothing really in the bags though, few MbyMK and MK bags and some high Ralph Lauren's. Marshall's by me now also has YSL, Armani, and some Juicy glasses too, no good purses beyond MbyMK and D&B though.
  10. I was in the Brentwood area of Nashville and they had a bunch of high end clothing and some Marc Jacobs bags.
  11. OMG, have to go check out my neighborhood TJMaxx today then! But the prices here isn't that good, $99 for a pair of Gucci sunglasses, more expensive than the NM Last Call & Off 5th. I guess it's a hit or miss.
  12. My local TJ Maxx also carries Bvlgari handbag, scarf and sandals. They sometimes have Coach as well, mine is in Southern California.
  13. Omg great deals.
  14. you can go on and it will tell you next to each store if it is a runway store or not.
  15. I honestly got in my car and drove to TJ Maxx as soon as I read this thread. Mine had Gucci for $60 and Juicy for $50. Too bad none of them worked for me. For the record my TJ Maxx is a really lousy one so if mine had anything, it's a good sign for all of them.