Gucci Animal Stud Differences

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  1. Hi everyone!
    I’m curious about others experience with the animal stud bags.
    I purchased the belt bag version from the Gucci website a while back and recently noticed a difference in the beetle feet on the website vs in person. They are more detailed on the website.
    I’ve looked up many other used animal stud bags on fahionphile/realreal/etc and they all look like mine.
    So I was wondering if anyone had any info on why there’s a difference and if their bag has the same look!

    My bag:

    Used bag from fashionphile:

    On Gucci website:
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  2. Ok so I must first I saw no difference lol...too early to strain my eyes...but yes I see the difference so you got me wondering and I’ve attached a pic of a few of my pieces as I’m a HUGE fan of this beautiful design. Mine look the same as yours and what I’m thinking is that they have changed the design a slight bit. Mine were all purchased when the design first came out. I see that the newer pieces, especially the backpack, have a new critter....a cute bee. So as I’ve seen with a few of Gucci’s items, looks like they have tried to improve upon the animals design. Does not look to be an authenticity issue as mine have feet that are more rounded and they are 100% authentic. Hope this helps! Interesting observation!
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  3. Hi, and great eye !!! I have the small belt accessory, the second one on the picture you provided of your amazing collection. I purchased from Gucci NYC Fifth Ave and was lucky to get it because of the limited numbers... which I like about that... I don't like to see myself on everybody and it makes my Gucci running double G belt stand out and different from everyone else. To that end... mine is just like yours with the beetle feet. All this time, I really didn't know that they were beetles... when everyone would ask what were they, I would just say "Gucci Bugs'. Thanks for making us aware of the difference in the website versus the actual product.
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  4. I’m pretty sure they’re bees!
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  5. Nice collection... I have the second one, the small belt accessory pouch on your picture and mine is from Gucci NYC Fifth Ave when it first came out and looks exactly like yours, feet and all. I get tons of compliments and everyone wants it, every time I wear it, which is 90 percent of the time and I go to Gucci, they tell me that they have so many people asking them for it and it is no longer available... sad for them but yippee for me... I like being individual and unique... different from all the other luxury item owners that has similar taste and style.
    Rock it in good Wealth, Health and Happiness...
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  6. Thanks fabuleux, I now I totally confused as to what they truly are... lol
  7. So confused that I made typos in my reply... I meant, "Now I am totally confused as to what they truly are..." lol
  9. The differences can be because the website might display images with some details unlike the actual product as a way of throwing off counterfeiters. Or the website might post the product before it's actually finalized for production.

    It's a bee or wasp, all right.
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  10. Good point and thank you for your contribution jellyv, okay... now further confused, beetle, wasp, bee or other ? lol
    For now, I am going with the wasp or bee theory... leaning more towards it being a wasp.
  11. Definitely not a beetle. Actually, on further reflection I think it might be a fly, given that there are two prominent wings that lie along the bug at rest position.
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  12. Now that everyone mentions it I think they look like bees to me!

    I was worried when I first noticed the round feet, that maybe I had gotten a defect one
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  13. Thanks for the info. Love all these! I haven’t seen the belt before!
  14. Oh my... a beetle, bee, wasp, now a fly... I think NOW I am leaning towards the fly opinion. lol
  15. Lol now I’m so confused! I saw someone call them beetles once but now I definitely don’t think they are.
    Here’s a Gucci bee ring and an actual beetle on the supreme print:
    6131D2D4-7278-495E-BB18-699415D5FB94.jpeg C341D95D-DFFE-4D36-98CD-614AC2127229.jpeg
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