Gucci and Rain

  1. It's raining here. I know some bags just can't be out in the rain. How does Gucci do?

  2. Depends what the material is. I once used my hobo, the one with horsebit with the tough leather and it was fine. Just had to wipe it off inside.
  3. I have a gucci scarf tote and a hobo with canvas and a white leather handle and piping.
  4. Hi elongreach! I'm in MD too-I don't think we will ever see the sun again! When it was raining yesterday I carried my gucci tote in a bone colored leather. It's open at the top with a pink canvas lining. It did great! I just wiped it off. :yes:
  5. Yea, I'm using my Gucci now and I think it's faired well in the rain. I think the leather can handle it.
  6. i only have 2 gucci bags
    the only one that i am willing to let water touch is my GGplus tote.
    it's so good because of the material.
    it wipes and slides off like a pro.
    as for the leather handles, those that had rain drops on them they just went away.
  7. My leather hobos do great, I have treated them with the Apple Guarde, I am curious to know how the fabric does though
  8. i have a black tote and it does fine in the rain...that was my "go-to" bag when it rained and I couldn't carry my LV, and before I got my LV Antigua Cabas.
  9. I have a scarf bag and a horsebit hobo, and if it rains lightly I use my horsebit hobo, and that have worked fine, but I've never tried it in heavy rain showers, so I don't know what to say there. However, I also carry an umbrella when I carry some of my designer bags.