Gucci and Bluefly

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  1. Hi, I'm just many of you have recieved fake Gucci's from bluefly? I ordered the Biba hobo from them and two of the studs came off after about only a week, I took it to the Gucci boutique and told them it was a "gift" and they sent it away for repair and called me back a few days later and it was fixed so I'm pretty sure its authentic ... I doubt gucci would fix a fake bag. Anyways just curious about the experiance everyone else has had.
  2. I've bought a few Gucci bags from Bluefly and I think they are all authentic although I haven't had them authenticated by Gucci. They are all leather bags so I'd think if they were fake I'd have noticed. I was interested in a Britt bag listed on Bluefly but I compared the picture to similar pictures from and, something was off. It was an expensive bag so I didn't want to go through the trouble. I haven't heard or read any posts so far that say Bluefly sell fake Guccis.
  3. Be very careful with Bluefly because they do sell fakes; especially Gucci. I have purchased fake items from them in the past. There is another post on here already about this and other people have had run ins with fakes from Bluefly so be very careful.
  4. I hadn't heard of anyone buying fake Gucci's from Bluefly, only other designers. Did this happen to you recently?? :wtf: