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Which gucci?

  1. Charmy Hobo

  2. Jackie Hobo

  3. Other (please give detail below)

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  1. trying to decide between two bags for work...



    both from gucci. I have this prada deerskin multipocket hobo already in camel [​IMG] so I am thinking something black would make a nice addition to my bag collection.

    Your thoughts on black gucci jacquard? Which bag would be better for everyday? (The stripe on the jackie bag makes me a little nervous bc of the red and green -- colors i don't wear a lot, but i love the horsebit detail)

    let me know! thanks!
  2. I like the 1st Gucci
  3. [​IMG]

  4. moving to the Gucci Forum . . .
  5. I like the Jackie O. bag
  6. The Jackie O. Definitely ! More classic.
  7. The 2nd one
  8. i like 1st one
  9. I like the second one.

    BTW, I love your Prada bag.
  10. The Jackie O is sooooo classic - can't go wrong with this bag!!! LOVE the hardware - much more exciting than the Charmy IMO...
  11. Charmy habo.
  12. loooove the second one! and looooove your prada!
  13. Charmy Hobo