Gucci Abbey question

  1. Hi, I just bought my first Gucci black bag--a medium leather Abbey. I love it, but took it out last night and kept an eye on it the whole time it was on the table because I was worried that it doesn't close on top. Do any of you have these concerns too? What has your experience been? Thanks!
  2. my mom was supposed to buy that style (that's the abbey shoulder your describing right?) but decided against it because of that. maybe you should clasp a pochette inside to hold your money & credit cards. good luck!
  3. Hmm yeah my bff has that bag and she complains that when it spills over in the car everything falls out...
  4. If it's the bag I think you re talking about (I have 2 abbey's) I actually don't have a problem with it. Both of mine are open but as long as you have your bag close to you it shouldn't be a problem. As for stuff spilling out of it, I normally have it upright or lying down in the car. No problems there too.

    I love the Abbey line, very classic looking. So from me, nope I have no concerns. I love this bag!
  5. That happens with my Pelham.. I have to make sure I don't take the turns to hard or it flies!
  6. Thanks, I am starting to love it too! I'm just being sure to hold it tightly!
  7. Thanks, great idea--I slipped in a pochette today and that made me feel more secure.
  8. So funny! I live in NYC so I don't drive, but I will make sure to hold on tight whenever I'm in someone else's car!
  9. Yup, you gotta be careful with that purse. I have the beige one with silver trim, and if it's on its side, stuff spills out of it. But I love its roominess. But I have a medium Purseket in it to hold my wallet and small things to keep it somewhat organized & a little more secure.
  10. i love this style so much, i think i can overlook the open top :smile:
  11. hmm.. i have this bag as well and havent experienced any problems with it so far.. but yes, when I'm in the car, I make sure to hold on to it in my lap, or when I'm driving, I lay it down on it's side, but haven't any problems with the insides spilling out.
  12. for the abbey medium shoulder bag in beige/ivory, is the interior black or brown?? help!
    im about to purchase one for a good deal.

  13. [​IMG]

    interior suppose to be black or brown??! help!! =)