Gucci 85th fur

  1. Hi.

    I'm considering buying this bag. What do you think about this bag? Does anyone has it? Do you know what kind of fur that was used for this bag?
  2. I actually like it.I don't own one though.
  3. it looks so comfortable against your body! great style!
  4. They're mink or rabbit fur; I'm pretty sure it's rabbit though. I think it's gorgeous but not very practical, and it's more of a fall/winter bag. Plus, fur sheds so you need to be careful if you're carrying that when you're wearing a black coat.
  5. Sorry but I don't like fur
  6. well you definitely can not wear this everyday! it would look great on winter, and if you know how to take care of it then go! good luck. do post pics of it when you buy it!
  7. I also need a bag for every season :p

    I have just bought the bag today :smile: Now I'm waiting for it to arrive.

    One of the reasons why I bought it was because it's a limited edition and will be a rare bag and a bag that not everyone has :smile:
  8. Don't like it at all.
  9. I think I would have to see it in person, but this would be super for a ski trip/cold weather.
  10. It is really cute.