Gucci 85th Collection

  1. I've started seeing ads for Gucci's 85th Limited Edition collection and I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this collection / the bags featured in it. They look incredibly exciting!! I assume this is a collection in honor of Gucci's anniversary but I could be wrong.

    Anyone have any details?

    Here are some photos of the bags. More as I find them!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I'm not liking this LUELLA resemblance.....
  3. OOOh thanks for the pics, I love those bags! Interesting indeed!!
  4. its their fall bags.......its veryyy veryyyyy pretty but prepare for alot of Studs, Suede and Velvet....very 70ish~
  5. Yum! Thanks for the photos.
  6. ooo I'm soo excited! :yahoo:
  7. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow:shocked:

    cant wait to seee full collection ....

    girls i'd received an email from Gucci Denying that the Blondie Bag will be re released, since i emailed them to confirm rumors, yet i hope its not true:cry: can some one plz ask their SA's?
  8. I think so! Luella is not famous here in Italy so maybe people won't notice it that much.. but I do too.
  9. Which Luella's does it remind you of? I'm not entirely familiar with the Luella line.

    I think I like the brown bag with the embossed logo best but I'm not too pleased with the contrast stitching. It ruins it for me a little bit but I just love the hardware on these. I agree it is very 70s but that was the golden age of Gucci (well the pre-Tom Ford golden age, I love him :biggrin: ) it seems right that they would revive that spirit for the anniversary
  10. They're not re releasing the the blondie ....I think you read one of my post....its very much like the blondie collection with the big medallion but rather then have a big web all can only see a bit of web under the medallion....I hope this helps!!