gucci 85th anniversary handbags

  1. Dear Gucci lovers,

    Which 85th anniversary bag would be the best to get for a collector. I want to pick a style that will be in for quite a while. Mind you Gucci is classic and timeless so they are all beautiful.

    I love Gucci it is sooo yummy!!!!!!!

    Beware of all the fakes on ebay ladies. I stopped buying off of ebay because I was solded two fakes and it the vendor kept saying that they were real. It is not worth the hassle. Now I wait for the end of season sale at Holt's. This year I bought three authentic gucci bags for under $1500.00 canadian. I bought the dark blue large hobo with the red, cream and blue stripes (it is on the purse page of this site). Also I bought the brown guccissima shopper(it can be seen on bag, borrow or the dark blue hobo with stripes can also be seen on that site). The third one I bought was from the cruise collection and it is a purse in red with the gold plated chain with the the red and blue striped material going through it. I think it was designed by Tom Ford...very classic and elegant and it has gucci written in gold...sweet.

    I am new to Gucci and love the bags even more than my Prada's. I just happened to stumble upon the sale and ended up with 3 bags for the price of one of my Prada's. Looking at all the handbag sites I cannot find my new bags for the price that I got them. Wait for end of season sales from reputable stores and you will be able to buy for much less and get the real thing.

    Cheers Gucci lovers!!!!!!
  2. I love the 85th anniversary medium Boston bag (comes in plain or Guccisima leather; also comes in suede). I have a pic of my burnt red one in the thread 'Received Anniversary Edition for Anniversary'. Perfect size and style for me and it is definitely a classic.
  3. Yep, Neimans have the suede versions. I was going to get one, but I didn't think I was that into them.
  4. I got my medium mystic white boston bag with the light gold horsebit. I simply adore it and lug it everywhere I go. A real head of all, they are only available this fall and only in limited quantity! Definately worth the investment!

    Congratulations on your new Gucci bags!
  5. I don't know the name of the one I lusted over today. . .
    it was red Guccisima leather w/ a cool 85th Anniv plaque on the back, the straps were adjustable to wear on arm or shoulder and had the horsebit {I think} linked across the front and it was a pretty big bag. I think it was about $2300.
    I met KathyD there today. . . she was interested in it!
  6. [​IMG]
    This bag is beautiful in person. I found this pic on NM online. It's called the Med. Boston for $2395. The color is rusty red.
  7. there ya go Kathy!! I didn't even look for it! LOL!

    We tried that bag on yesterday and it was a FAB bag!:yes:
  8. Nordstrom had a ton of these anniversary handbags in every color and style....I was tempted.
  9. Beautiful!!! :heart: