Gucci 85th Anniversary Bag at Charlotte NM

  1. Has anyone very recently seen any of the 85th Anniversary bags at the Neiman Marcus in Charlotte?

    I'm curious as to what they may have left in 85th Anniversary.

    I tried to call earlier but apparently on Saturdays they close at 6 pm. I thought that was a little strange. Doesn't the mall normally stay open until 9 on Saturdays? Anyway, they don't open until 12:30 tomorrow and if I decided to go over there, I would need to leave really early tomorrow.

    I want to pick these up before they're all gone.

  2. Ooops, you posted this in Handbags, I'll move to the Gucci Forum for you.
  3. The NM in Plano, TX at the Shops of Willowbend had 2 this week, one was red.
  4. ^OOH! I want the medium one..Swanky..did they have the medium red???????
  5. yes... i want one too. love this one.
  6. Today, I picked up the 85th Anniversary Medium Hobo and matching wallet. I'm really glad I went to try them on IRL. If I would have ordered it, I probably would have ordered the large hobo. After trying it on, I needed the medium. I really love it.

    They had one medium Boston bag in the Guccissima leather but I didn't go for it because it was Chocolate and I already have the Princy Satchel and matching wallet. I wanted something different. If I could have gotten that Boston in red, I would have. They also had a beautiful white one but there was a mark on it and I thought if this has a mark in the store, there is no way I'll be able to keep this clean.
  7. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! :nuts::yahoo: Please post pictures when you have a chance becasue I'm not sure what style you're referring to! :confused1:
  8. I don't know! :shame: YOu can call Shannon, she'll tell you {972}629-1700
    LOVE that bag in red though!