Gucci - 5th Ave. NYC

  1. I just got back from a trip to NYC. Two of my friends got the black leather Peggy with the braided straps on sale there for around $1000. I know they still had at least the floor model left. I didn't get anything :sad: The SA was very nice.

    One thing I did notice that was different though. I only have one Gucci purse that I bought at the Tampa Gucci boutique and one Gucci wallet that I bought on bluefly. At the Tampa Gucci, they gave me and my friend each a glass of champagne when I bought mine. I asked about it in NYC and he just laughed like I was joking. Then said they must have been having some sort of event or something. Also my purse was put in the dust bag and in a Gucci box wrapped with a bow in Tampa. In NYC, they just got the dust bag.

    What are your experiences at the Gucci boutiques?
  2. At the Rodeo Drive Gucci I usually just get a dustbag inside a shopping bag. My last purchase I asked for a box and I got one.
  3. I forgot to add last time I was at the Beverly Center Gucci I asked for some water. They told me that they only has sparkling water. When he brought it out it was on a silver tray in a wine glass. He also handed me a little cocktail napkin with it. I felt like I was at a party.
  4. Never seen or asked for anything to drink at the Gucci store in the galleria mall in Dallas, but They always give you the bags (or any other purchase) with the dustbag and the box (dustbag under the bag which is inside the box with tissue). Then they put the box in a gucci shopping bag and hand it to me. I can see some boutiques that aren't in malls giving out water/champagne, but I haven't actually SEEN it.
  5. Just the bag inside the dust bag.. Never heard of drinks or anything like that.:confused1::confused1:
  6. I got a glass of water at Gucci in AC but that's only because I asked for it.. It was time for me to take some medicine.. LOL.. I did ONCE get champagne from the LV Sak's boutique in TAMPA, or somewhere in FL. But that was the only time. It felt really special!
  7. i dont think ive seen it at the scottsdale or dallas, but i agree i think its just cuz its a mall store...ive noticed gucci doesnt really do anything to pacify their clients. I mean i noticed they dont "kiss your ass" as much...ive noticed so many brands give their "vips" gifts and junk and yeah ive gotten every single catalog, my stores manager and most the SAs know me and my bf by first name (haha they even started recognizing my voice now that ive been calling stuff in!) buttttttt i dont if its just me but they dont really do that stuff!!

    What do u guys think? am i right or am i just not special haha?

    btw, last time i was in dallas at tiffanys, they gave us the CUTEST water bottles, i think i posted them somewhere but OH MY GOD they were cute!! :smile:
  8. I normally buy my gucci at the 5th ave store. I never get any drinks or anything like that. But if you want a box you have to ask for it. If you dont ask they'll only give u the dustbag.
  9. They also have food too...

    Not to be rude or anything, but spending a grand or so on a bag at Gucci in NYC isn't really out of the ordinary, they'd be passing out glasses of champers all day long. You gotta drop serious money to get champers, even more for the food...

  10. Food, too! WOW! I actually only spent about $800 in Tampa when I got the champagne. I thought it was really nice. Just thought they did it everywhere, since I hadn't been to other stores. He did give us all bottled water after I asked about the champagne. I thought maybe it was because they had bought bags that were on sale, but it sounds like other stores just don't do it often.
  11. I go shopping at the Bal Harbour Gucci usually and the SAs there have given me champagne in the past. I only ended up getting a pair of the black Britt high heel sandals. They weren't on sale, but still that's all bought that visit. I swear it depends on their mood, how busy they are, etc. Unfortunately, some SAs have attitudes and it deters me from giving them commission. When I go shopping, I expect to be treated with respect regardless of how I am dressed or how much money I end up spending.

    I did call a Gucci store last week to try to locate a pair of pumps that had gone on sale and he was quite an A**. Even if they had them, unless they were the last pair in the country, I would have found them at another store. LOL

    It's not like $1000 is nothing either. Sorry that he laughed at you when you asked, but he is probably a loser anyways. LOL