Gucci 40% off sale up on!

  1. Saks just added the Gucci inventory on sale on (go to Gucci brand directly, not the sale tab). Bags are 40% off and include many of their Fall line, including Britt. I had my eye on the Princy tote, so picked up that one in addition to the rectangular patent britt I got on presale last week.

    Enjoy! :yahoo: :P
  2. I'm already shopping, muahahahah! :devil:
  3. great deals!! thanks for sharing! :smile:
  4. If we click directly on the Gucci tab, is it supposed to show more sale items versus the one regular sales link?
  5. Thanks for the heads up!! :yes:
  6. Oooh!!! Thanks! I want that bouvier! Too bad it's not in medium..
  7. Thanks for the tip. It seems like almost every brand is on sale now!
  8. hey why cant i see the sale items ?
    only see regular price items :sad:
  9. As of now, all the sale items are both in the sale tab (premier designer bags) and under the Gucci brand's "Sale" category. Look again; you probably just missed it.
  10. Yeah!!! I'm there!!!!!!!!!!!!! :nuts: :heart: Emmy
  11. thaaanks~!!