Gucci 2014 Spring/Summer Sale

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  1. Does anyone know when it will be this year? Or which bags are likely to go on sale? :graucho:
  2. If I remember correctly, the sale usually begins around Memorial Day. I've seen seasonal colors of Soho's, Boston's, Sukey's, and Emily bags go on sale.
  3. The last time I asked my SA she said that they didn't know yet
  4. May sounds about right. I think the last one started in November. So it's about every six months or so if I remember correctly. Can't wait to see what goes on sale!
  5. I searched and didn't find the answer. How long does it take something to hit the sale if it's going to? For example, do Spring 2014 items end up in the Fall 2014 sale and Fall 2014 end up in the Spring 2015 sale? Another question I have - are items from the Flora line ever on the sale or do those just stay at regular price until they sell out? TIA
  6. I always look forward to the sale. Half the fun is seeing the reveals here :smile:
  7. Does anyone know if the flora scarves ever go on sale?
  8. Some seasonal scarves go on sale every time but not sure about flora ones specifically
  9. I agree. I can't wait. Is it wrong there's a tote from the kids' line I'm eyeing?

  10. Nope! :smile:
  11. Terrific! I'll tell that to my wallet.

    Also, love your pic. Does your dog give you the "Where's mine?" look when you come home with a new bag? Mine does.

  12. Yes! She thinks everything that comes through the front door belongs to her lol
  13. Early June i'd say!
    I don't think I've ever seen Flora on sale :thinking:
    I'm predicting (selfishly hoping) for the Sukeys and some Emilys to get reduced. Maybe the Stirrups too.

    .. and those weird demin pieces :tdown: lol sorry
  14. Last year: The word on TPF was June 4th, 2013. I got my invitation email on May 31, 2013. So hopefully it's around the same time, which means only a few more weeks! :nuts:
  15. I remember that it usually around the end of May, beginning of June! Can't wait :biggrin: