Gucci 2007 Cruise Collection

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    Baby Blue Aligator Skin - Positano Tote Bag

    Here’s a few of the Gucci 2007 Cruise Collection handbags, prices are not available yet. These will be releasing this month, prolly towards the end of the month. I’m not really a big fan of these but the baby blue Aligator Skin Positano Tote Bag is kinda cute. I just feel like these styles and the scarf on the bag is “too lady” for me haha. Hopefully we’ll see some better styles soon.

    Ostrich Skin - Positano Tote Bag

    Snake Skin - Palham Bag

    Canvas - Palham Bag

    Nylon - Peggy Bag

    Canvas - Wave Bag
  2. I think the cruise 2007 bags have already come and gone. The last three all were on sale during the spring sale.
  3. Looks like it took a whole jungle of animals to make this collection...
    I like the green canvas but none of it stands out in my opinion
  4. I love the Palham and Wave bags, though the Positano is a bit 'old lady resort wear' for me.
  5. i think we're waiting for cruise 2008
  6. Yeah these bags came out earlier this year and have all gone on sale and then to the outlet
  7. I liked the first one, wish it wasn't alligator though
  8. i like the blue one.
  9. i like the alligator skin in baby blue, just not the style of the bag.
  10. oo i like that blue color..but alligator?? too wild for me..=P