Gucci 1973 crossbody quality

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  1. Hello everybody!

    I am thinking of getting the gucci 1973 crossbody. I have not yet decided on colour.

    Has anybody had any experience with this bag? ie. how is the quality, durability, pros and cons about the bag etc.

    Any comments would be appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Do you mean the small 1973 with the long chain? I have that bag, I'd happily buy another, I feel totally passionate about the bag :love:.

    baybay, you will never find a more versatile and useful day-night piece (although mine isn't nearly so versatile since it's made of satin and is covered crystals :rolleyes:)

    Which colours are you thinking of choosing between?
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    Yes! That is the one!

    I have no idea on the colour. I was thinking something neutral. ie. black, beige, or "champagne". My boyfriend has been rather inquisitive about the bag so I think he may be contemplating it as a birthday or christmas present (a girl can only hope!)

    The only other gucci I have is the vintage web boston and love the quality.

    Papertiger- What colour do you have?
  4. Do you have a photo of yours??
  5. Hold on, be back in 5, have to change computers
  6. Here with my other 1973 (python G-detail shoulder bag) Cherry Bettys and The Making of Gucci


    Can't find a modeling shot but basically it's a small cross-body, long-chain shoulder bag and with the chain tucked inside a mini clutch which works well because of the beautiful hw
  7. Wow yours is gorgeous!!!

    thank you for all of your help!!:smile:
  8. I've also been looking at that bag but am reluctant because of the chain length. I am not a fan of a crossbody. I guess there is no way to shorten it?
  9. Yes, easy. Either wear it long to one side (very disco :cool:) tuck it inside for a clutch or loop it twice under the flap for shorter double chain :yes:
  10. There's another crossbody bag from soho line which i think is cute and very disco too:cool:

    I love the maple color and will buy one when i go abroad, so i dont have to pay for the tax:P

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  11. I have the 1973 crossbody in black and love it! The quality of the leather is superb, and the bag is lined in suede. The gold chain is also high quality and feels substantial. It's truly a timeless classic. The only warning I will give is that originally I thought it would fit my small wallet based on the dimensions given. However the opening of the bag is narrower than the base and doesn't have much depth at the top either. Once I resigned to the fact that I would just put a few cards instead of the wallet, I was a happy camper. It can easily fit a cell phone and a few makeup items.
  12. Wow, your green python is TDF!
  13. These are great aren't they? The Little Soho Disco and the similar sized/shape Sunshine are going to be a big hit I'm sure. I see the the red version went up to day. Sometimes all one needs is a little crossover, it's even handy carrying another large bag that's not so easy to get in and out of.


    Thank you kindly :cutesy: Worth every penny too ;)
  14. Sorry to jump onto this thread, but I'm new and can't start my own.

    I am debating getting the 1973 crossbody in green or pink (on sale now for $600) vs. saving up and waiting to get the soho disco crossbody in one of those same colors.

    Initially I definitely preferred the disco and I liked the size a lot whereas the 1973 seemed too small. I really like the hardware on the 1973, however (not in love with the chain, but I don't hate it) and it seems like it may keep its "value" moreso than the disco. It also has the benefit of being wearable as a clutch when going out -- although I am not sure that the color I would buy would be likely to go with much. So, while disco is easier for every-day b/c it is slightly bigger, 1973 has benefit of being more versatile. The 1973 is also on sale now for about

    HELP! I'm wondering if anyone who has the 1973 uses it on a daily basis. What do you think? I'm seriously having a crisis here!!

    1973 -

    Soho Disco -
  15. I have 1973 crossbody, which I used a lot this summer on everyday basis. I like it a lot. The only issue was the size (a little smaller than I need for dayily use). However, it is great for night outs.
    And I ended buying today Disco! This style is definately a good size for my daily use - fits a large wallet, phone , keys.