Gucci 18k Gold Jewelry

  1. Hi all! I been searching and searching this site for opinions on Gucci fine jewelry, specifically the horsebit pieces. My efforts have been fruitless. I ride horses so I love the 18k horsebit pieces and at this point, I'm slightly obsessed. What do you guys think? Also, does anyone know if there are many non-authentic 18k horsebit pieces that are out in the marketplace? I know there are copycats everywhere but these pieces aren't extremely mainstream so just wondering if anyone has seen replicas--I sure hope not! Thanks!!!
  2. The quality is as good as Hermes or any fine jewellers, thus actually relatively affordable, and good investment. Gucci gold doesnt go on sale but I have seen Bluefly with the odd piece but never the Horsebit.

    Bracelets usually come in 3 sizes 16, 17 & 18 but you will need try which one fits you better as each style fits differently. The Plain Snaffle Horsebit is classic Gucci, the design goes back to the 1970s and was the epitome of jet set style at the time. I love horses too.

    It would rather costly to make 18ct gold replicas but I would only buy them from 'proper' auctions if you want to buy pre-loved.
  3. I love my gucci horsebit cocktail ring. I have the yellow ameyst (sp plus forgot the actual name of the stone). I wear mine everyday and get tons of compliments!
  4. Sounds Gorgeous. Citrine? Smoky Quartz?

  5. here it is...what is the stone,you think?

  6. Looks just beautiful (as do your hands). It suits you perfectly :tup:

    The correct name is Prasiolite but you are also right as its often called Green-amethyst. The rings come in two sizes, med and large and with or without additional diamonds (in white gold). Most of the transparent stones Gucci used were quartz and before that they had a range of opaques like Onyx and Malachite which also looked amazing.

  7. Thank you for confirming, you know your stones! I just love this ring wearing it
  8. Thanks so much everyone! I actually have the plain snaffle horsebit and I LOVE it!!! I will post pictures. I just bought a horsebit necklace from eBay new with the $3270 price tag. Sometimes I am weary of eBay which is why I was wondering about non-authentic pieces. I didn't think there were any replicas out there as I haven't seen them but the seller had a few negative feedbacks so I was a bit concerned. I also have the gold chiodo necklace which I love!! I love your prasiolite cocktail ring, by the way.

    Thank you all so much for replying. I'm so happy that there are people out there who love Gucci 18K pieces as much as I do!
  9. I'm thrilled now that there is a thread on Gucci Jewelry...or maybe I just didn't find one in my searches as I'm new to the site. In any case, thanks so much for everything!
  10. Wow, you are very brave buying such a piece from *Bay, I am sure it was/is irresistible :graucho: there are a few different variations, which one did you buy?

    It's one of my my biggest regrets I didn't by the Horsebit chain all made out of graduating sized mini-horsebits available about 4 years ago. They don't make it anymore and gold prices have gone through the roof now so it would be prohibitive in price anyway.

    So glad you're obsessed too :p
  11. I recently bought my daughter the 18kt gold marina chain hoop earrings from the Gucci website and they are stunning. They definitely don't look cheap! I was also looking at the horsebit cocktail ring in smokey quartz for myself.
  12. What a lucky daughter :yes: she will have those earrings forever.

    If you want anything get it sooner rather than later ;) The gold pieces keep going up and up.
  13. I was just reading this thread. I think my mom has the horsebit belt. I have the enamel emerald green and gold logod belt and some silver pieces. Wish I had bought gold. Gucci's jewelry has been copied more than Tiffany for their unique ingenuity!
    BTW, I love the way that ring looks on your hand Pomba! You have gorgeous hands too!
  14. They have only done a complete gold range relatively recently (Tom Ford era) with the exception of the odd custom order gold-fittings on bags and minaudières. Your and your mother's pieces are rare and very collectable. Gucci had far fewer stores and very few of each piece was made.

    The exception was an OTT, short-lived range designed by one of the Gucci wives. The motif was the scales of the crocodile. I forget the ins and outs of it though.

    I will research it but I think even their famous 1970s Horsebit Braclet was either silver or silver and gold-plated, the very original design has been reproduced for the 1921 collection and is 2-tone.
  15. ^^Oh my dear, those collectibles will only get passed down. My father would always buy what he loved for me and my mom. I've always found some Gucci jewelry and accessories to be so classy! I haven't seen anything made with enamel anymore. I wear a couple of the Gucci bracelets quite frequently! They are every bit 30 years old and I still get compliments on them every time I wear them!! My dream is to visit Italy one of these years and when I do, one of my first visits will be Gucci! I know as a fact that they have things made there that are not sold in the U.S.