Guancia's coach collection..

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  1. I've been collecting since about 06 and while my collection is no where NEAR as big and beautiful as most of you ladies, I think I need to cool it.

    So here they are....
    IMG_0719.jpg IMG_0720.jpg IMG_0721.jpg IMG_0722.jpg
  2. Very nice. You have the mist mini skinny, I want one and I always get out bidded on eBay. Thanks for sharing your lovely coach collection.
  3. I have th scarf ergo too...I love it! Nice collection!
  4. Def. love your Soho Leather Flap! Wish I had gotten it in white, and you have a great wristlet collection! I love wristlets, b/c they are so versatile!

    Very nice!
  5. Wow!!! That is a wonderful collection congrats on a wonderful collection
  6. Love your collection! You have all classic colors & pieces that can go with anything. .. no need to cool it, haha ;) I love your ergo wristlet, soo cute!!
  7. What a nice collection. I like all of your accessories.
  8. I know it's small.. but one day I will get to fulfill my dream of owning 15 beautiful leather bags.. but until then I will love what I got.

    Thanks Beachgurl!The soho hobo was my first purchase, and first leather bag. I just kept going back to it and decided to go for it and get it. Never regreted it, but I do wish it was a little bit bigger. I must say that my favourite wristlet is the framed black lurex one.... so in love with that one.:love:

    Ashdir: I love the :love::heart:scarf print ergo:heart::love: too. But ever since I saw the fraying on the back by the stiching, I've been trying just to use it on special occasions. I might have to get myself a leather ergo hobo, just so I can use the style everyday.
  9. great collection
  10. you have a very cute collection.. Thanks for sharing:heart:
  11. I think your collection is VERY NICE! You have picked some beautiful styles and colors!

  12. Love your collection. I am especially fond of the legacy zip!
  13. Lovely Collection!^-^
  14. OMG!!!! AWESOME!!!! Congrats!!!!
  15. I love how you have mixed gold and black in your collection.