Guaffre Heaven ~ etc.!

  1. She's BLACK!!! :yahoo:

    Went to Prada in NYC today and tried her for the umpteenth time, but now she's MINE!!! The SA tied the buckles down with Prada ribbons because while packed away, the buckle end pieces flipped up! I had the choice of either taking the floor display (which I don't ever like to do) or getting a fresh-from-the-back-still-packed-but-with-buckle-ends-flipped up!) I took the fresh one from the back!

    I promise to take the Prada ribbons off soon!


    And here is the back... (more ribbons... what can I say!) And I will do modelling pics later!


    And of course the side view (proud momma that I am!)

  2. Oh! And here is the "etc.!" Happily along side of my Miu Miu Coffer! :wlae:

  3. :yahoo: Love it!!!! Just LOVE it!! A few of us here have that bag in Cera-Don't you just love her?Congrats!!...and can't wait for pics..!!! OH!..A tip on storing her..those tabs can be annoying as they want to 'flip' up...when I store the bag, I kinda roll the ends under so they will flatten by the next time I use her..Does this make sense? Enjoy!!!!! :yahoo:
  4. Thanks Emmy! Oh! I LOVE the cera, but, I was determined to get a BLACK bag, desperately needed. This is, for me, the perfect black bag for so may reasons. I LOVE it! I'd have loved to have bought the cera -- gorgeous color for spring, but I stuck to my black guns -- and I think she's gorgeous in black too!

    Yes, I see what you're saying about the buckle ends. I might just keep using the little ribbons when I store her.

    I'll have to wait till tomorrow to model -- daylight.
  5. Congratulations Minette!!!

    That bag is JUST stunning! Period. End of story.

    I looooooooooooooove that gauffre. I don't even wear black, but
    I love THAT black gauffre *SO* much... I may have to get her.
    I love the combo of the black with the gold too...

    Love, Love Love your bag. Enjoy it in good health. Can't wait to
    see your modeling pix!!:yes:
  6. Conrgats on the guaffre and the etc lol!
  7. OMG I love that black gauffre, enjoy & congrats!
  8. Thanks, Pad, Blew and Angel!

    Pad -- I don't wear much black either! HaHa! But I had NO black bags (for years!) and really needed just one! Couldn't find one I loved as much as all the other colors out there... till THIS!! Oh, I LOVE it!!!

    Thanks again, ladies!!! Promising to model tomorrow in the daylight!
  9. Oh yes Minette!! I can't wait to see your modeling pic!!

    And yes on the not wearing black too much -- I don't think I wear any at all!! Shoot. Well, maybe a couple times a year. The SA at Saks was trying to sell me a black Prada bag and when I said I never wear black, her jaw just about dropped. Too funny!! :nuts:

    Anyway... looking forward to your pix!!!
  10. CONGRATS!! she looks AMAZING!!! i need a guaffre too!!!
  11. That bag looks absolutely amazing! Congrats!
  12. Oh Minette, she is sooooo beautiful. I'm counting the days until I go to France on Thursday - will be in that Prada store as fast as I can. I have told myself I will be buying the e/w in black but I do have a hankering for the camel. I'm taking a risk that I'll be able to get it in Nice or Cannes. I'm so glad you got your bag at long last and that you're so happy. Big congratulations.
  13. I wish those bags weren't so obscenely priced. I really love the gauffres, especially the new bowler silhouette, but I've got a price point I refuse to cross and unfortunately the gauffres are waaaaaaaaaay over it! :shrugs:

    It's a beauty though. :yes:
  14. Prada Psycho - I'm with you re the price. I wish they weren't so much too. Unfortunately I don't have your willpower and I'm going to splash out. Won't be buying a bag for a loooong time afterwards.
  15. Aww... thanks ladies! I'm with all of you on the price -- YIKES! And I really debated this one long and hard with myself. For me, this one is worth it for a really feminine, classic piece. I am completely awed by the Gauffre line.

    Thanks for all of your sweet compliments!!