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  1. I've been out of the loop lately. 3 months pregnant with nothing but morning sickness...all day sickness actually....still waiting on the Guacho tote, hoping it'll cheer me up...keeps being delayed. Us folks in Canada ain't that important :cry: Anyone got theirs yet? Let me drool a bit?
  2. hey bobojue

    i know what you mean... i rang the dior store here in new zealand and they're like, "we dont even know if the Guacho is coming" so i've given up for now and i'm looking at getting something else!

    good luck on your search! :smile: i'll be thinking of ya - i hope you feel better soon - but congrats!!!
  3. hey there! i was wondering where you've been! good to know you're hanging in there. sorry to hear about the morning sickness, it should pass soon though. i hope.

    i have the gaucho medium in white. not the tote. i think sweatea has that....

    feel better...
  4. Yeah Fayden!! Post a pic will ya? How're you liking it? Hard to get?Thanks, I hope I feel better soon too!!! Dior SA says end of March, so here's hoping. And here's also hoping they bring in the right colour and not force whatever they have on me (Burgandy tote).
  5. Fayden, nevermind me. Found it in your showcase!!!!! LOVE IT, you look great with it on.
  6. oh yeah i love it! it's so cute and i love that i can wear it as a messenger. that's the best part, having your hands free.

    oh one thing though, not to wear the white with jeans. the blue gets on the white leather. but luckily i can get it off with baby wipes.

    baby wipes rule!
  7. That's kinda what I though with it being white, but I'm glad you caught it and didn't stain it!! Oh, totally with the baby wipes, I have at least 2 packs on me at all times!!!! Does wonders for faulty make-up too!!! Love your Spy too, good colour!! The moment has passed for me with being able to acquire it (they had one and gave me 30 mins to decide).
  8. Here's my white tote again! I'm soooo in love with this bag (still!). I put it away for a few days and found myself missing it like crazy.

    Again, excuse my goofy pose. :lol:

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  9. I'm really sorry about the morning sickness. I hope it goes away soon! Luckily, I didn't have that, but I had other issues:sad: .

    Hope you get your gaucho soon!:P
  10. It's so frustrating -- we're on the same continent yet Canadians have got all of these delays, getting the same merchandise as in the US! Wish it would change...
  11. Agreed, totally sucks. Which is why it's worth it to make the drive down to New York or Detroit to check out the latest and baddest bags ! :lol:
  12. You're right, Ayla. Gotta take a trip...
  13. But coming back INTO Canada is rough too, cause they check and really TAX ya. Sucks that a lot of websites don't ship to Canada either even if you're willing to pay. *sigh*

    Daisy, that's what I'm waitin for, the tote! Had a dream about it, how sad! another *sigh*

    Addicted, thanx, this is the second child, same morning sickness, just hope it doesn't last all 9 months as with my first born. another longer *sigh*
  14. bobojue vbmenu_register("postmenu_106187", true); : the holts in vancouver is getting in i believe 6 of them....not sure which sizes ....but give hem a call goodluck!!
  15. On waitlist at holts in T.O. All of Vancouver and only 6!!!! How do they do the math???
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