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  1. Anyone else a fan of guacamole or simply Avocado?


    I looooove avocado...

    I love to eat it with chips, spreaded on my sandwiches, in my sushi, and maybe even plain!!!
  2. I love guacamole too!!!!!

    My recipe:
    Fresh lime juice (instead of lemon)
    Tomatoes: peeled, seeded, drained, and chopped
    1/2 teaspoon of Worchestershire sauce per avocado used
    Chopped fresh cilantro leaves
    Chili flakes
    Dash tabasco

    chopped onion
  3. Oh yeah...Guacamole and baked potato skins.:drool:
  4. Mmmm - Guacamole!
    Just Avacado, garlic, minced purple onion, lime and cilantro.
  5. LOVE it!!! Absolutely no cilantro though, it makes me physically sick :yucky: I love avocado plain though, I'll eat it on anything, even just slices on corn chips or in salads and such.
  6. Not fan of guacamole..but I love avocado by itself!
  7. I love Guac and avocados!

    We judge new Mexican restaurants on their Guac...if it's good...we'll return. If it's bad...we're not coming back.

    Speaking of avocados... we had tacos last nights and I used the rest of the avocado in my omelette for dinner tonight.
  8. My guacamole is very simple:

    a little mayonnaise
    some tomatillo salsa
    lime juice

    and poof! Guacamole!
  9. I love it. And I love avocado with sour cream and red caviar mixed together with champagne, it's so yummy!
  10. I love avocados and guacamole - I never make it though.
  11. I've never tried it w/Worchestershire, but I'll be sure to put a dab in my next batch. My recipe is slightly different than yours. Instead of chili flakes I use serrano chiles, no tabasco sauce and no garlic. I add pink onions and salt. I also use the avocado pits and keep them in my guac, because it helps it not turn blackish. I love it!
  12. Neeya, I had cilantro too! My bf's sister made guacamole yesterday and I made him eat the chunks that had cilantro. I love LOVE avocados and will eat anything related to them. Sandwiches, dip, salads, ooh, even spring rolls. They are a bit fattening, but still vitamin packed at least and ooh so creamy. Haas are the best supermarket brand and I've been wanting to go to CA to visit avocado farms.
    I also use the pit to prevent the avocados from turning too black.
  13. Big fan of guac!! There are a couple of restaurants here locally where they will make it fresh tableside for is absolutely incredible!!! I'm droolong right now....

  14. give it a shot! It is so easy, and you can put in exactly the things you want!

    For those of you who hate cilantro, when you are serving guacamole and/or other Meso American-Inspired dishes to other people, go ahead and get a bunch of cilantro, chop it up and put it in a pretty dish on the table, so that those for whom the meal will not be complete without cilantro can sprinkle at will, and those who hate it don't have to try to pick it off of things.
  15. I learned to love both guacamole and avocado on their own. Simply LOVE it now!