GTOFan's Collection

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  1. After admiring and drooling over everyone's collection, just wanted to share my collection over several years!:biggrin:









  2. Drooling over your Stockton :love: :love: :love: :love:

    Great collection!
  3. Awesome collection! Love the fiery red color of you Marc Elise (?) bag.
  4. What a great collection. What is the name of the bag in the first picture? The color is so gorgeous.
  5. Gorgeous collection! I LOVE the purple colored bag (Houston?) with the matching wallet in the first photo. I also LOVE the large tan/black Cambon tote! It's my all time favorite style in the Cambon line!

    Thanks for the photos!
  6. Oh My Gosh! I love your collection. It's a big collection.
  7. Yup, my first MJ bag! And she hasn't left the house yet! Hoping to take her out soon!:rolleyes:
  8. Thanks! It's the LV Houston.
  9. Great collection! Your chanels are simply gorgeous!
  10. Pretty color on the LV Houston. All the Chanels are classics. What is the brown bag in front on the red MJ? Its adorable!
  11. GTO I :heart: LOVE everything...Your Chanel bags are Great...I love the ALL BLACK...Very Sharp!!!!!!!!!!1
  12. It's my first Tod's bag!
  13. wow that is an amazing collection!! i LOVE your black cambon tote :smile: gorgeous!!
  14. Oh my goodness, love it ! The mat LVs are to die for, and I really like all the black on black cambon bags !

    Does GTO by any chance stand for Great Teacher Onizuka ?
  15. Actually no, it's a classic car that I want! 1967-68 Red, convertible, if anyone has one to sell, let me know!:rolleyes: