1. I just received it today. I love the size but am not sure about the gold chain. I bought it bc my SA told me I was really lucky to get one. Should I keep it? I mostly wear Jean and t-shirts. Isn't gold too much for the outfit I usually have? :confused1:
  2. I don't think so!
    My favorite outfit is jeans, tee, blingy flip flops and a BLINGY Designer Bag :nuts:
  3. i think you should def. keep it!!!!
  4. i think a pair of jeans and a tee shirt makes the perfect outfit for a gst! i really want one, but i've just bought 2 flaps.. hmm, maybe i should return one for the gst.. can you post a pic?
  5. It's perfect for almost everything you wear, even Tees and jeans/capris/shorts:yes:

    If you wear any gold at all, it's totally fine.
    I need the silver since I don't wear any yellow toned jewelry/accessories.
  6. i say gold. it goes with everything. i actually declined the silver hardware offers the SA gave me. i wanted the gold one or nothing. and i got it. YAY!

    i say keep the gold. i think its an excellent combo
  7. I have no idea but personally i don't like gold hardware.
  8. I think it looks so warm and beautiful with the gold ( the one I got has the gold) But I normally wear gold anyway. As pretty as it is, don't keep it because of what your SA says!!
  9. i personally would want to get a silver one, i was asking my SA about it, and she said she personally has never seen a silver one at the store, but she's been told by her customers that silver ones exist. i think the gold one may be more common?
  10. silver was new for F/W so there were FAR less of them available. The gold h/w has been around forever so they're more common.
  11. I'm looking for a tote as well, but not sure if it'll be a small GST or GST. But I will go with the silver chain as I wear platinum jewelry a lot more than gold. I think if you don't like the look of it, you should return it. Don't keep it because someone said it's hard to find. Otherwise, it may sit in your closet, and rarely use because you don't love it that much. Anywho, why don't you wait for a few days? It may grow on you :smile:
  12. keep's so versatile..
  13. I would keep it, I'm waiting for my GST (with gold hardware) to come in.
  14. I would definately keep it ! I love love Gold HW! Just try it on and trust your instinct :smile:
  15. Go for the GOLD!

    Great bag and it will look stunning with whatever you're wearing.
    I hope you keep it :smile: