1. I am looking for the GST with silver hardware. If anyone comes acrosss this bag let me know.
  2. Nordstrom Mall of America has the Grand Shopping Tote in Black with gold chain and black with silver chain for $1895.

    Per CHANELboy's thread.
  3. Also, last I checked, both the Soho and East 57th street Chanels had this bag.
  4. Thanks I will check tomorrow!
  5. Thanks I will check on this tomorrow!
  6. Good luck. Hope you find one Janicemph. It is such a great bag.
  7. I know The Chanel Boutique in BH had one. Black & white GST!

    My sister almost got it but instead we continued to shop for it w/ the gold hardware & we found one at NM in BH!

  8. Thanks to Jag,
    Lisa Hamlin at Troy Michigan NM just shipped me my black GST with silver hardware :yahoo:- maybe she has more contact her. 1-248-643-3300 Very sweet !!
  9. I started thinking... When I looked at my collection the only gold hardware handbag I have is the jumbo flap. The other bags: baby coco cabas, luxe bowler and the large diamond stitch tote all have silver hardware. So I think I am going to order the GST with gold hardware and see how I like it. Thanks for the info. I will hold on to this and see what this bag looks like with the gold hardware.