GST....with silver hardware?

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  1. Hello!

    Newbie here and this is my first thread. :rolleyes: I was on eBay today and noticed an auction for a GST with silver hardware. From the threads I've seen in the forum, I have only seen it with gold hardware.

    Does Chanel now make it with silver hardware?

  2. If you mean the black, yes, there is a silver h/w version. I have one purchased from Saks last fall!
  3. Oops, thank you! :rolleyes:
  4. Yes they do, and I actually prefer the black GST with silver hardware over the one with gold hardware. :biggrin:
  5. Me too.....I like the black with silver hardware better than gold
  6. Yes they do, mine is being delivered this week!
  7. I just bought the chocolate brown with silver hardware in Vancouver-Holt Renfrew and I love it SOOOOO much. I think the silver makes it much more casual - which is what I am. :yahoo:
  8. Yep, I have both.... a black GST with silver hardware and one with gold .........both are beautiful.

    The ones with silver hardware seem to be the most popular and therefore a bit harder to snap up - but more are coming into the stores - just have to check around, call some stores.

    Put your name on some wait lists if necessary...
  9. ugh...the chocolate is to DIE FOR.
    and yes.....I prefer the silver hardware too.
  10. I waited quite a while to find my GST w/ silver HW but it was so worth it!! (another 'yay' for Jag and her SA Lisa for the help:yahoo:) I am FORCING myself to put it on the shelf for a bit, it just did 3 solid weeks overseas on daily duty and needs some R&R (bag looks great but I am determined to have this beauty last the rest of my life so I am rationing her :p) - what a great bag!
  11. Sympathy - I walked into the Chanel boutique and it was in the window - they had just received it that day and had already sold the black one - I couldn't pass it up - and it IS to die for! They also had a beautiful burgundy color - but the SA told me I was more of a chocolate girl! :drool:

  12. Lisa also helped me score the black GST with silver H/W...she is very sweet - thanks again Jag for sharing.:yes:
  13. What? A chocolate GST?! None of the US stores ordered this one! Is it caviar or a distressed calf leather? There was a brown GST last fall that wasn't caviar and the leather was prone to scratching. Please post a pic for us to drool over!
  14. ITfreakin'A w/ Roey!! :nuts: I looove chocolate brown... and I've been dying for a dark chocolate brown caviar GST!! :drool: Last fall I think that there was a milky brown distressed calfskin, but no caviar leather... and it isn't being released for the fall here for sure! :crybaby: Do you by any chance have the Bordeaux (which in pictures looks chocolate)? Or does the box says marron fonce (which is the dark chocolate brown)? I have a chocolate brown medium classic caviar flap, and that's the color name on the box! :smile: Please post pictures whenever you get a chance so us "brown gals" can drool!! :p