GST with silver H/W in Canada?

  1. Hi,

    I love GST with sivler h/w, and i went to Chanel in Holt Renfrew to check it out. However, one SA told me they GST never goes with silver, only with gold! So do you guys may have an idea where can i get one in Canada?
  2. i asked several both at HOlts as well as in the chanel boutique and they are absolutely clueless
  3. yeah...I hate that
  4. I was wondering about it too - I totally love the silver HW one. If any of you ladies find out, please PM me or update the thread!
  5. no problem:biggrin: I will check with my SA again this weekend and i ll let you know
  6. I was told there was only G/H in both the black and beige left. S/H is my preference on the GST too!
  7. Do you guys know how much is the GST price in canada...
    I'm thinking to get one in black or white
  8. 1825 i believe
  9. yes, $1825 without tax