GST with dimples?

  1. Ok GST experts/owners, I just puchased a white GST and when I brought it home I noticed the side has dimples! The sides are not as straight and structured as I thought. Is this normal? Maybe I am just noticing it because the leather is white? Can anyone please, please post pics of the side of your GST? I love this bag but I don't want to buy something that might be damaged or a return. I am sorry I can not take pictures of mine since my camera is broken. TIA for your help ladies! I appreciate it!
  2. I had a black GST before I exchanged it for a jumbo flap and the sides are folded in slightly so that in is not so wide from the side. I am not quite sure what you mean by dimples, are they large? it doesn't sound normal for a new bag though...but its hard to tell without seeing it. If it bothers you I would defintly exchange it. I was sent a Jumbo with a defective chain strap, it has little cuts in the leather!
  3. :confused1:I don't recall anything like that on my GSTs...unfortunately I don't have pictures of the sides. Could take some this weekend...but maybe someone will post images before then.
  4. The leather is just kinda lumpy for lack of a better word. I guess I thought it would be more structured on the sides. It is almost as if if you can see where the wrinkled lining is on the exterior side of the bag. Maybe it is more noticble cause it is white??? I know it is going to collapse a bit from wearing it on the shoulder and the weight of your arm on the bag but I am little surprised when I noticed it. It seems to be worse on one side than the other.
  5. I just got my white GST a couple days ago and noticed the EXACT same thing. I have a black one and pulled it out immediately to compare and it does seeem to have dimples too, but they are very hard to see since the bag is dark. I was a bit concerned initially but i LOVE it so much that I am already over it. But i jsut wanted to tell you that you aren't crazy. I have not taken pics yet but i will do so tomorrow and post them in this thread as a relpy for you to compare. Will you do the same??
  6. ^Thanks so much Trisha! I do think the bag might have been a return because it is from S/S and the white GST just doesn't stay long in the stores. I am so glad I am not going crazy! If that is normal wear than I don't mind but it does really look odd for a bag that costs $2K. I haven't returned it yet as my SA is trying to locate another one for me. My camera is broken so I am unable to take pics. Thanks again, I appreciate your feedback!
  7. Return it unless you are crazy about this bag. The leather should be smooth. I returned one that has the sides like that.
  8. I have four GSTs and I am going to look at them all this is a white I will be interested to see if I see the same thing...but I never noticed it before...again I don't recall anything like that but I wasn't looking for anything, I will take pictures of the sides of mine as well for posting reference.....
  9. my SA showed me a brand new one not too long ago and it had the "dimples." We couldn't figure out if this was sorta normal but I think if I had wanted it, I would have asked her to find one without.
  10. You know, I don't think it is something you notice right away. At least I didn't in the store. You can't see it when you are wearing it on the shoulder & look in the mirror, it is only from the front and back angle. Thanks for all your feedback ladies! I am so glad I am not going crazy!
  11. My white pst has the exact same thing and it was brand new in the box, maybe it's a bit of an issue they have with the white's not as tight and flat on the sides, it was bugging me once I realized it but then I kinda like that it makes the bag seem a little I may want a dark color pst soon and they'll be a bit different!
  12. Well ladies, unfortunately my GST was returned today. I compared it to the other GST's in stock and they were no where near as bad as the one I had. I swear it was like my white GST had cellulite! Thank you all for your feedback!
  13. atfirst things like that bother me but i'm too lazy to go back and i get over it...
  14. ok, here are the pics of my new white GST with "dimples". I don't have a flash on my camera phone so i hope you can see it.

    bellabags, tell me, how does mine compare to the one you just returned? :confused1:
  15. It is really hard for me to get over poor quality when I am spending over $2K on a bag. If all the bags had it then fine but clearly my bag had issues!