GST vs. PST?

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The ultimate choice is...

  1. GST

  2. PST

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  1. Which one would you recommend? I want a tote for everyday use. PST seems to have enough space for my stuff, but I am not sure about the size in proportion to my frame (I am 5'6'', 125lb). There is not GST in the store I can try on. Will GST be a better choice? Since the price is going up, is it worth to get both now? (beige and black) I know it sounds a little crazy to get both at the same time...
  2. I think PST its a perfect size if you dont need to carry alot of stuff.. And GST fits more stuff...But both bag will be a price increase next month so if you have the money I recommend you to buy both bags..:p
  3. just bought the pst and i love it! but if you have money for both- get them! i'm sure you won't regret your purchase.
  4. gst is a good size...for u..
  5. love the gst!
  6. GET BOTH!
  7. Gst
  8. The PST will probably be a good size for you. I initially bought that size and I didn't like it on me. I'm 5' 10" and full figured, size so it was too small for me. I did end up getting the GST and it works so well for me. Both are great bags.

    My daughter had tried on the PST before I sent it back and she's a petite frame and size and it looked great on her.

    They're both beautiful bags. I think you could wear either of them.
  9. i wish chanel made three size for this bag. I am 5'5, 115. The stuff I carry fill half of PST, but it just looks small on me. I'd like a bigger one to carry to work(look more professional;)) GST is way too bag. Wonder there might be a MST(median) in the future. :p
  10. Yes! That is how I feel! PST just looks small on me... maybe I am used to bigger bags...
  11. I'm 5'6" and 112, similar to you, I love the PST on me, it's the only bag REALLY on my list right now, I just got a flap so I have to wait a bit......I generally like smaller bags on me and find that I actually use my smaller bags more. I think the PST looks good on someone our size and has enough room for essentials plus some extras.
  12. get both.
  13. To help myself thinking straight, I made a little list:
    I like PST for:
    1. enough space for my stuff right now
    2. it is more versatile, dress down or up, work day or weekend
    3. price is good compared to others

    I like GST for:
    1. the proportion of the height and width seems better
    2. great work bag
    3. more "mature" look which means I can wear it for many years to come (I am 28 now)

    still couldn't decide...
  14. they are different bags. how about get pst in black w/ gold hw and gst in black w/ silver. not sure if you mentioned your preference of color.
  15. i have a small cambon tote as well as the GST, to me, these were different enough looks to get both. i think you could get use out of both, pst can be slightly dressier due to the size, although GST is a good classic that you will get lots of longevity out of. if you could afford both, you shold get both, since they are good investment pieces as the prices continues to increase on them