1. Ok, which one is bigger? I am thinking that this would help end my personal debate to keep or not to keep the modern chain. I would like a gst but won't commit yet to the classics. HELP!!
  2. MC E/W is way bigger than the GST. In fact, I think the MC N/S width is similar to the GST. MC E/W hold much much more, less boxy, more slouchy than GST. GST looks more classic, and MC looks more modern and edgy. You can't go wrong with either. Just a matter of personal preference. HTHS.
  3. I smiled when I saw your post. Your ongoing dilemma.... It's kinda cute, really.;) Cannot help as have not really looked at the GST closely but I just got a glazed MC E/W this weekend and it is VERY large and my recollection of the GST is that it is not that big and it is not as pliable....... For sure GST is a classic - the MC looks like its more in the moment.... I hope it lasts longer than the moment though! Good luck memyselfI!!

  4. E/W is soo pretty and you can fit a ton of stuff in it the other you can always get go for the E/W
  5. I love the MC tote!! It's modern, chic and functionable!
  6. memyself, seems like we're both in the same boat, as i've had issues with that weird thing my mc does when i close it and i've also been thinking about the gst. its more "chanel" if that makes any sense. i love the modern chain for the simple fact that it is modern and when i think of chanel, i think "classic" as opposed to "edgy", and this one is simple, understated, but edgy and modern at the same time.
  7. I recently had a dilemna over which to get myself: dark brown MC E/W tote, or dark brown GST... and I chose the GST. :smile: While I love the MC E/W shape, it's really wide at the bottom, and the dark brown looks quite similar to my black N/S MC tote... so I chose to get the GST for the different style and color. :smile: If you prefer a slouchier, roomier bag, then the MC E/W is really a great bag... while the GST is more structured and boxy... but, it still fits comfortably on the shoulder! Good luck deciding! :tup:
  8. I have both bags and the e/w MC is much bigger than the GST as far as shape, but the GST will hold a lot due to the three compartments.
  9. gst
  10. Wow... it seems a lot of us have the same dilemma! I was debating over this too for the last EGC. Unfortunately, Saks doesn't have anymore E/W MC, so I ended up getting GST. I like it because it's classic, but at the same time I like MC because it's modern and chic. Well... good luck with your decision. BTW... I don't think you can find MC anymore.. and if you do, please let me know!
  11. I had a MC tote and it is quite huge and heavy for me. It is a lovely bag though.