GST VS. CERF TOTE: Which is your favorite?


GST VS. CERF: Which is your Favorite Tote??

  1. GST

  2. CERF

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    Which bag is your Favorite Tote??
  2. I like GST.
  3. i don't mind both, but i'm inclined to go with the cerf.
  4. I prefer GST... the cerf tote is too plain looking for me, although it looks gorgeous on the ladies here at TPF.
  5. This is funny because I have the GST and I just ordered the cerf tote. I love both, I had the cerf on my wish list for a long time, finally, I realized I had to have it. The cerf is alot more understated that the GST and holds more too, but it's hard to choose between the two.
  6. Cerf.

    I really dislike the huge logo on the GST. I would adore it if it just had a small CC closure and that was it.
  7. GST all the way, the cerf looks like chanel trying to be a birkin to me.
  8. I'm really not feeling the Cerf Tote (maybe not at the moment..) so I'd say go for the GST! :biggrin:
  9. i like both, but i definitely like the cerf more.
  10. GST! I was drooling over the beige one at the boutique this afteroon.
  11. Cerf by far! I don't even have to think about this one. =P
  12. I don't have either, but a cerf is near the top of my list for my next bag. Tough decision. I think both are great bags.
  13. Definitely the GST for me.
  14. I had to make this decision a few months ago and went with the GST, mainly based on th fact that the cerf looked it might not be carried easily on the shoulder with a thick coat. I also wanted silver hardware. But I liked the cerf's understated elegance. The GST has quickly become my "go to" bag, especially for work. Great dilemma!
  15. I like the gst.