GST Too large on Petite Frame?

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I just had GST shipped to me since i dont have any Chanel retailers nearby and I am debating wether it is too overwhelming for an every day around town bag on me since I am a very petite 4 11". I dont have a lot to carry but the open top of the PST bothers me and I like the GSTs large zippered compartment. I Don't want to be swallowed up by the bag or have it look like luggage on me...on the home front, the feelings are I need some advice from the PFers!:smile:
  2. oh no! i don't think it's too big for you. well...i love the look of petite girls carrying large bags, just like the celebrities.
  3. I think a lot of PFers here in Chanel Forum are also Petite Frame and yes, they do have the GST..
  4. I am 5'3" and have a black GST. I think it looks fine for me as far as size! it has a shorter strap drop than the jumbo flaps in caviar so it should fit fine! I love mine!
  5. im 5'2" and also have a black gst and do not feel that it is overwhelming on me.. i think it is a wonderful bag !
  6. You will be fine, the bag looks great on anyone of any size!
  7. Awww, you're such a tiny thing, chanel-girl! :smile:

    Even though I do like the look of the GST, I personally think that it can be an overwhelming bag for petite ladies. I'm just under 5'2" and when I tried on the GST, I knew that it wasn't the bag for me. I'm a fan of big bags but because the GST is such a structured bag, it just didn't suit my frame. :push:

    However, that is just my humble opinion. Perhaps you can post some photos of you wearing the bag so that we can give you a more accurate opinion? :smile:
  8. I'm 5' and I felt overwhelmed by GST.
    Post some modeling pics when you get the bag, we can give you better opinions. =)
  9. I don't think it will be too big on you. My friend is the same height as you and with a very petite frame on her and I saw her with a GST and it looked so great I bought one too. Go for it. Get it now before the price increases again!!
  10. GST looks gorgeous on petite framed women just like the hollywood celebs :smile: I'd say keep it! heard there is going to be a price increase soon.......
  11. I'm 5'4 100 pounds...i'll take more pics as promised!
  12. Chanel-Girl I am 1 inch taller than you and I felt that the GST was large and overwhelming on me. I decided to go with the PST not b/c it looked overwhelming but b/c the bag itself was heavy w/o anything in it. But I think it all depends on if you like big bags or not. I hope you enjoy your bag when you get it.
  13. I'm 5'4 with 4 inch heels on, hehe, and I don't find the GST too big for me.

    Actually, it's funny that when I tried on both the PST and GST, all the SAs and I agreed that the PST looked really weird on me size wise. GST fits my frame much better. As the other posters recommended, post some pics so we can give you feedback.
  14. Hmm, I got a PST just because it suited my needs best as I usually use another work bag/briefcase along with my purse. However, even though I usually go with smaller bags because I like how they look on me... I'm 5'6" and 114 so kinda petite, I do like the GST. I think tote bags can be big, they're suppose to look big IMO. Anyway, the GST looked fine on me but what I couldn't do was the Jumbo flap, that made me look like an 8 year old carrying my moms bag and my husband laughed.......So I got the E/W flap.
  15. i would loveto see those photo for myslef too, i want to get gst i'm asian and 5'1.. so will appreciate if you will take a photo.

    when is the increase going to be effecttive??? need to buy it now.LOL!!!