GST: Too flashy for work?

  1. Hi everyone,
    Would love your opinions on this. I bought a black cerf tote for work last year because I thought the GST would be too flashy for the office. I work in finance, and the environment is pretty conservative. I would love to get a biege GST for work since the longer straps would fit more comfortably over my coats, but I tried it on at Chanel yesterday and thought it looked a little flashy. What do you girls think? I am also considering getting a dark brown Bottega hobo, which is so much more...plain. Please let me know what you think! :p
  2. I don't think it's too flashy at all. I think it's pretty subtle actually.
  3. Not flashy, and very comfortable for work, get it, you will love it!
  4. I'll be honest with you... I just went for an interview in a conservative, upscale environment and felt a little... flashy with my GST. Not that I don't LOVE this bag, but I do not feel logos are appropriate in all places. My next purchase is actually going to be a Bottega Veneta. I definitely need to find a nice bag that is logo-free.
  5. I think this is what I'm afraid of, especially since I want to get a color other than black. Which Bottega are you thinking about getting?

    Thanks everyone for your input so far! :yes:
  6. ^^ Personally, I wouldn't bring any logo'd bags to work. I work in an oil and gas company. Some of the experienced people who work there definitely have money but they don't show it. They may drive BMWs or Benz's but no one shows off their wealth in the office. So I conform to what is the work environment.
    The cerf tote is ideal tote for a conservative work environment. But it sounds like you're bored with it. I, personally don't want my boss to know I can afford these things.
  7. I think it may be a little flashy with the gold hardware. But that is just IMO because I think gold is a little more attention-grabbing. It sounds like you should just opt for something more subdued? Which is too bad because the GST is lovely!
  8. I don't think it is flashy at all but you must be comfortable so if you are not (& you probably are not when you are asking this question)then get a bag for work that you will be happy with. Personally I wouldn't compromise for anyone & it isn't that I want to show off my designer bags, it is what I am comfortable with.
  9. I honestly don't feel that it's at all too flashy, most Chanel bags are ,by nature, understated and in good taste.
  10. Thanks for all your great comments! I think if I had been working there longer I wouldn't care so much about flashiness, but since I'm only going on my 5th month I want to maintain a low profile. SIGH.
  11. This is a question that perplexes me as well! I too was considering the black (with silver) GST for work (in a conservative environment), but everytime I tried it on in the store, I felt people would be first staring at the CC's. So I think I've decided on the Cerf Tote as my next purchase -- with the Mademoiselle closure (not CC closure....even that I feel is a bit flashy....the Mademoiselle closure IMO is gorgeous). Either that or a Tod's D-bag Media tote -- that one is also elegant, timeless, and logo-free!
  12. I don't think that the GST is too flashy. I think it's comparable to the flap bags. I wear the flap bags to a conservative work environment and when I get my GST, I'll wear it also.

    I think if you have any doubt, then don't wear it. You need to be comfortable.
  13. I don't think the GST is too flashy - it's a classic!
  14. I think its a pretty conservative bag.
  15. Personally I prefer the Cerf Tote, but I don't think GST is too flashy. I work at an investment bank in NYC and one of my co-workers has two GSTs black and beige.