GST (the bag) in Canada

  1. Hello fellow purse lovers,

    I was just at Holt today in Calgary and I asked the saleslady about the black caviar GST with the silver hardware and she told me that the black is not available with silver hardware, only the dark brown one that is new for fall, and that the black only comes with gold hardware...
    I was wondering if maybe this bag is just not available in Canada, because I am going to the states next month, so I could look for it there, or if they discontinued it or something?
  2. It isn't discontinued, it is new for fall. I bought a black caviar gst with silver hardware in June at Chanel is San Francisco. The SA said that it arrived the day before. They also had the brown on display in GST and PST. They also had a black PST. All with silver hardware.

    I guess there are waitlists and I happened to be in the right place at the right time. I was in Seattle the following weekend and the SA there stopped dead in his tracks wanting to know how I got my bag. Apparently he has 40 people on a waiting list.
  3. It seems like the Chanel boutiques would be the way to go. I also got a black GST with silver hardware last weekend at the boutique in the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Try calling the Chanel 1-800 number to see if they can track one down for you. Good luck!
  4. I ask the boutique in Holt Calgary about the diamond stitches tote & was told that it was discontinued forever. Then, the ladies here in the forum said that the diamond stitches totes are coming back this fall. I just don't trust the information that the SA at Holt give me anymore. :sad:
  5. Well, I asked the same saleslady if they didn't have the bag in stock then they can they order it in? And she said only if its in Canada, so does the GST with silver hardware just not available in Canada?? Is there a way I can order if from a boutique in teh states? Will they deliver it to my home??
  6. I just bought the GST with silver hardware, chocolate brown, on Friday in Vancouver Holt. They sold the black one they got in that day but had the bordeaux. Might be worth a phone call to see if more are coming in.
  7. Thanks guys! I just called the Holt Calgary and gave them the style number for it and everything and they said they can't get it. I dont understand! And then the SA asked me if I was travelling to the states anytime soon because then I could look there. You would think she would try to get me one first before passing me on like that!
  8. umm..I know there are GST in silver HW with SA had offer me one..but i passed it! Its just that you have to work with good SA that will hold stuff for u when it comes to the store! MY SA told me tht bag is no matter how many bag they order..they sold it right away..I saw many PST in silver HW...if u are interested in it..let me know!