GST Spring 10 BLUE

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  1. hey everyone

    i have two chanel flaps so after much thought ive decided to get the GST

    My SA sent me the photo attached
    she says its from Spring line with the color code 84023
    has anyone seen it IRL cos i cant figure what if the color is bright or dark or dull
    in the pic it looks nice

    What do u guys think

    is it a color that will stay in my closet

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  2. I have seen this bag and LOVE it. BUY it for sure. I wanted it sooo bad but am waiting for another one to come in and can't get both

    BUY IT! You will not regret it. It is AMAZING!!!!
  3. does it have a purple undertone?

    i mean is it more purplish than blue
  4. Yes! It is like a periwinkle purple blue. It is amazing! Purple is my FAV. color and this bag is awesome!
  5. the thing is im not looking for purple

    i wanted more of a blue :sad:
  6. Oh then that is not the bag for you then. Sorry! Definitly looks more purple.
  7. what about the Cruise 2010 navy blue? It's a deep navy blue
  8. i love the color. The hardware looks like it's vintage finished... i kinda prefer the silver hardware with it.. IMO. Again in love with the color
  9. It's much darker in real life than in the photo, but still a nice rich blue.
  10. I like the color, but it does shows some purple..
  11. I really like this color!
  13. :drool: I LOVE THAT COLOR! which dept stores have it right now??
  14. I KNOW they have it at NM Fashion Valley San Diego. Saw it there Friday night. It is AMAZING! Almost bought it.
  15. I'm not really a fan of this color. I saw blue patent GST in NM and it's totally gorgeous. I just don't really like GST now because of its boxy shape. I prefer flaps :smile: