GST Question

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  1. Does anybody know if the GST patent red or patent navy from the cruise 2010 collection is still available?

    I'm trying to surprise my mom with one of these bags for her b-day, but I'm not sure how limited they are. Her b-day is in May, but I think if I don't locate one now they might be gone by then...Any thoughts?

    Do any of you recall seeing these bags recently at a dept. store or chanel boutique??
  2. Try Neiman Marcus in Chicago- they had both colors a little while ago. I have the patent Navy and just got it a few weeks ago, so stores may still be getting shipments. Good luck
  3. Thanks...

    How do you like the patent navy? Do you think it can be worn as an everyday bag?
  4. How much is the patent GST?
  5. I paid 2350 for my patent GST (and that was prior to 2/1 increase... so not sure if seasonal colors are effected). I think it is for sure an everyday bag, probably not the best evening bag though. OP- did you find one?