GST question: Is the pre-loved market the only option to purchase a GST in the US?

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  1. I would prefer to buy New over pre-loved. This would be my first Chanel and would like to get a classic. I went to boutique to look at seasonal bags as some suggested, I did not fancy any them and I am not ready to commit $6K for a Classic Double Flap.

    Also looked at mini--way to small for me. If I get it I would only be able to use it occasionally which to me does not justify the price.
  2. Yes. Been discontinued for a while now. I think Spring 15 was the last season. I believe it is now completely discontinued. I think Europe is out of stock now too...
  3. If you are looking for a GST in red, please PM me as I returned one recently to the store.
  4. Yes, discontinued in the US right now... I purchased mine just prior to hearing they would not be sold in the US and who knows when they will be again. I understand from other TPF's it is still possible to get them in Europe, if you are lucky. Although I have several other Chanel I still think the GST is the most useful, easy access to your things and it holds your everyday essentials. There are always tote alternatives each season but I do not think they are as amazing as the GST. Good luck, hopefully you can find one.
  5. If you are ever around South East Asia.. there are still some stock left in stores. I got mine a few months ago in Taipei. Recently (a few weeks ago) someone did a reveal of a GST from the Peninsula Hotel in China (Shanghai, I believe). She said there were "choices" of colors and hardware there.

    Very far from the U.S. but hey.. maybe you have friends or relatives coming to our neck of the woods.. Worth a shot looking at boutiques here.

  6. Thx, but looking for black.
  7. I'm looking for one as well. I wasn't a fan of the colors last year and the blacks were sold out quickly. Another option would be buying through personal shopper in UK now. It comes pricy, as they've just had a price increase. So I'm stalking resale websites for now.
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