GST/PST or Medallion Tote in SILVER CAVIAR?

  1. Does anyone here own a GST/PST or Medallion Tote in SILVER CAVIAR leather? It's a gorgeous PEARL-colored SILVER -- a perfect, modern neutral! I've come across a few photos of GST/PST as well as the caviar bowler in that color -- please see below (a photo from PersonalShoppers) and also attached.


    Could someone please let me know which year this color in the caviar was introduced? And is it a seasonal color or a classic? Is it still possible to track down a GST/PST or Medallion Tote in that silver caviar leather? (unfortunately the bowler shape doesn't appeal to me).

    I've been looking for a light, neutral colored caviar bag but neither the beige nor the white clicks with me....and my heart has belonged to that silver-ish caviar leather ever since I first saw a photo of it. But I don't recall ever seeing it at any Chanel boutiques....well ever since last June when I first started buying Chanel that is.

    Any pointers? TIA!
    silver caviar GST.jpg silver caviar PST.jpg
  2. I believe that you just missed a PST and matching wallet in this color on Ann's Fabulous Finds.:crybaby: I had never seen this color either before I saw it on her website.
  3. Someone here has the GST in silver. Did you look through the Reference Library thread or do a search?
  4. Yep I did several searches for "silver shopping tote" but nothing came up about the silver-colored GST/PST; I went through just about all the threads one by one and they were all about shopping tote with silver hardware.

    Anyone knows the year or style# (or availability?) of this Silver Caviar classic? TIA!
  5. Foxy, I'd been asking around different stores about the silver GST and I don't think it was available in the US. I saw them in Europe last Nov.
  6. the silver gst is simply u reckon they still have this colour in in Paris or London or....???
  7. wow! the silver gst is gorgeous!
  8. That silver Petite Shopper Tote is TDF! OMG! I want!
  9. Wow I've never seen that before. Pretty!
  10. Oh that is pretty and would be such a find for this season since silver is so hot.
  11. I think it was one of our Australian members w/ the Shopping tote in silver. . . .
    It is breathtaking!

  12. Oh, I love the silver PST. I am thinking of getting the beige color... maybe I should wait...when will this color get here in the US!!!!!:yucky:
  13. wow! didn't know there was a silver! pretty!
  14. I wanted to bump this thread because I was looking for a picture of the silver GST. I was at the NYC store on 57th last week and saw one IRL. Regine, the SA, mentioned that they just received it that day and they weren't even on display then. She took one from a back cabinet and showed it to us. It is a light silver (like the PST in this thread) and it was gorgeous.

    When we went to the Saks store on 5th, the SA there said it was part of the Cruise Collection but Saks didn't order it in Silver, just in Gold.
  15. wonder if it's the same color as before?
    The original one wasn't blingy or metallic-y at all. It was subtle and SOOO gorgeous!