GST: Problems with your things falling out?

  1. Hello all! I've recently fallen in love with Chanel! I have the med black lambskin silver chain classic flap, and the jumbo white caviar silver chain flap!

    I'm interested in buying the GST. I love the size and how much it can hold, but I'm concerned with my things falling out because of how it's an opened-top bag (minus the zippered part in the middle which I plan to keep credit cards/smaller items).

    Any problems with your things falling out? I'm always running around chaotic for work, so I prefer my bags to have a closure on top because I'm paranoid of bending over and things falling out, or making a sudden stop in the car and my bag falling over.

    I love the look of the GST and I'm hoping it'll be functional for me :smile: I tried it on in the store a couple times and am falling more in love!

    Thank you!!
  2. i have not had a problem with things falling out of the bag yet... but i think the bag is tall enough so that even if you bend over, you can have your arm holding the bag against your body and things wont fall out..
  3. Just got my GST yesterday and I used it for the first time today. I can NOT say how much I love this bag.

    I used to think it was too boxy, fit awkwardly under the shoulder. Now, I find it to be so comfy! I love the size, and nothing falls out because of the height of the bag. :yes: I absolutely adore it!
  4. I agree...the height of the bag keeps everything inside and when I fill up the bag the items in the bag fit snugly so there's not much movement inside the purse and it holds everything in well. I think keeping it full but not overfilled helps it keep its shape too since theres not as much room for the bag to get squished down and for the leather to soften with as much movement if that makes any sense at all
  5. I have a GST in beige and I love it. It's got a middle section which zips so you can put $, keys, and smaller important thigns in there. Plus there is a small zip compartment against the back on the inside.
  6. No problems with mine!
  7. by the way, does anyone know the best way to care for the beige caviar leather? i live in nyc and it picks up dirt of of my jacket, the subway, etc. just having it out in the city the edges get dirty. can anyone help?
  8. I ended up with the large Cotton Club zipper tote because I'm always afraid of things falling out or getting wet.
  9. nmarcus, try baby wipes for your beige caviar bag.
  10. If I am in my car and my GST is on the passenger side and I stop a little short, and is falls of the seat, all my stuff is all over the floor. That is the only time my stuff falls out.
  11. I love mine - no problems at all to report.
  12. Michele, you mean to tell me you dont buckle your GST up? LOL.
  13. ^^^^^^^^ lol, I am a bad mom!!
  14. GST is a great addition to anyone's collection, it's super useful and sturdy; i even pick up PST! But i did treat the caviar w/spary to avoid color transfers.
  15. Thank you everyone! :smile:

    It will be a great addition to my little collection. I want to try on the gold and silver chains to see which one I like more!