GST price

  1. hello, everyone!! i was just wondering how much the Chanel GST is?
    i love it in the gold hardware && im contemplating on buying one soon.
    well [anniversary] is coming up at the end of this monh and i will be
    dropping hints to the hubby in a few days. im in the dallas/fort worth, tx
    area, so if anyone knows if chanel has it at NM or the boutique, that be GREAT!!
    Oh, i've never been to the boutique [kinna nervous to look around] don't know if
    the SA's are snobby or not... hehe But we went to honolulu in March, and the
    SA's at the waikiki shopping strip were wonderful --- they were so nice!!!
    Thanks everyone, and i hope to hear from ya'll soon
  2. Ohhh and the prices of the baby cabas in black leather and the Medallion tote would be helpful too, just for future references.... Thankssssssss!!
  3. I think it's $1895 in the US.
  4. baby cabas is $1995, and I think the Medallion cost the same as the GST.

    Call them and see if they have stock? Good lucK!
  5. Thank you karmen! Thank you Aurora!! :tup:

    i'll feel more confident now going into the boutique...
  6. Good Luck!!!
  7. GST is $1895, before Nov. 1st price increase. I believe it is also going up along with the classic flaps.....