gst price increase april 1

  1. maybe someone has already posted about this, but I confirmed with patti @ Saks bh (while ordering my gold hw gst, that they had in stock [!!!] ) that on april 1, the gsts are going up again...

    she predicts 1850.

    does anyone know if this increase will apply to other bags as well?
  2. :sad: I hope this increase won't apply to the other Chanels! Otherwise...I am gonna have to do some major shopping before that happens!
    Lovely,thanks for the info on gsts price increase!
  3. I hope it just apply to GST..pls pls no more increasing price....hehe
  4. AH again?!?!! darnit.....
  5. Just the GST, PST, and medallion totes. Thankfully nothing else (for now)...

    Lovey - were you at Saks BH today?? I was hanging out with Patti and Joo earlier this afternoon!!!
  6. No! I'm on the east coast (frightfully) caught in a snow storm, and ordering chanel over the phone from the warm, happy people.

    Love Patti though, she's so nice (and helpful!)
  7. Aww, stay warm Lovey!! Patti is sweet but she can talk your ear off if you're not careful :p
  8. LOL i have dealt with Patty too she's very professional although before i had my vinyl Coco Cabas, i called her to get one and before the sentence "Do you have in stock the vinyl Co--" was even out of my mouth she goes "no no no no no!!!" :shrugs:

    another PFer and i deal with David at the Vegas Chanel in the Bellagio...............incredible SA
    so is Damian at Bala, have dealt with him too

    have written comp letters to each of their managers about how great they are and helpful
  9. Wow, I can't believe they'll increase again. It's only been two months. I bought mine after the last increase. I have been on the fence about either a white or black one. I guess I had better make up my mind.
  10. My SA in Short Hills said it was going to affect all of the misc classic bags including the PST, GST, medallian, and some other bags. Basically- anything they always carry that is not a flap.

    So sad! I hope the silver GST I'm on waitlist for comes on time..
  11. Crap... it figures... just as I'm about to buy a few more classics. :sad:
  12. I would really love a white long as it is not going up 500+
  13. oh no! is this really true?? i bet it's just chanel's scheming plan to make all of us scram again to purchase some classics! it's making the GST seem mighty attractive to me right now! btw, could someone tell me the pre-increase price?
  14. Its $1750 now, it was $1650 prior to the Feb 1 increase.

    The GST is looking very attractive to me too!! I just bought my first Chanel due to the Feb 1 price increase and I really shouldn't be buying any more..
  15. i did the same thing! i got my first flap after the first increase, now i want the gst :p