GST - panick pls help

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  1. Hi tpfers

    I came home and noticed my gst (front side where the interlocking cc is) inside was soaked with water. I have a bad habit of putting bottle water in my bag so i am guessing the cap came lose so it spilled! Luckily i have one of those kangaroo bag inserts but it still got wet. I am guessing that the water spilled since yesterday. I am drying it now just by airing it out. Do you think it actually damaged the leather? Anyone has any experience with this? All my stuff got soaked so the bag itself may have already dried up a bit simce it happened yesterday. Please help! I am devastated! Thanks in advance!
  2. I do this all the time. I've probably dumped at least 5 bottles in my GST.

    It didn't do any damage. but it's only fabric and leather. What kind of damage are you worried about? Misshaping ?
  3. Yea can't do anything but let it dry. I suggest putting it in front of the fan to speed up the process?
  4. Great. Thank you all for the feedback. I am just worried about the leather cracking or getting brittle or even softening of the leather. Thanks again
  5. I've worn my caviar in the rain many times but its great no cracking or anything I have put leather conditioner on it though previously
  6. caviar is durable, and i've been caught in the rain many times! i would get some conditioner on the exterior. hope everything turned out okay!
  7. Thank you all :smile: the bag is dry now. So far so good!